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openDemocracy's Team

openDemocracy editorial and management meeting in November 2012

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Editor-in-Chief: Magnus Nome

Editor: Rosemary Bechler

Head of Operations: Jess Thomas

Publisher: Andrew Hyde

Founder: Anthony Barnett

Associate Editors, Can Europe Make It?: Alex Sakalis, David Krivanek. Intern: Nikolay Nikolov.

Associate Editor, Arab Awakening: Rana Nessim. Intern: Mataz Suheil.

Editor, Digital Commons debate: Dan Hind

Editor, Drug Policy and Criminal Justice Forum: Jacob Coe

Technical Director and Contributing Editor: Tony Curzon Price

Columnists: Jim Gabour, Dan Hancox, Lis Howell, Mary Kaldor, Paul Rogers, Martin Rose, Markha Valenta, Vron Ware , James Warner

Front Page Editors (alternating): Rosemary Bechler, Ray Filar, Samir Jeraj, David Krivanek, Magnus Nome, Niki Seth-Smith

Design, publishing and data support: Kadie Armstrong

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Editors: Oliver Huitson, Clare Sambrook and Adam Ramsay

Contributing Editors:
Jamie Mackay
Stuart Weir
Lis Howell
Anthony Barnett


Editor: Caroline Molloy

Editorial Interns: Ruby Waterworth and Guddi Singh

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Managing Editor: Jeremy Noble

Senior Editor: Felicity Cave

Translator Editor: Elizabeth Barnes

Editorial Assistants: Philip Evans & Daniel Kennedy

Founder Editor: Susan Richards

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openDemocracy 50.50

Founder & co-editor: Jane Gabriel, co-editor: Heather McRobie

Dialogue Editors: Deniz Kandiyoti (Gender Politics Religion), Jennifer Allsopp (People on the Move), Jessica Horn (Our Africa), Alice Welbourn (AIDS: rights here rights now), Barbara Gunnell (Centrestage- voices for change), Meredith Tax (Secularism and feminism), Cynthia Cockburn (The continuum of violence)

Design and Publishing
K Armstrong

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Editor: Robin Wilson

Co-Editor: Shilpa Jindia

Associate Editor: Hannah Schling

Associate Editor, Cities in Conflict series: Tom Cowan

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Editor: Mike Edwards

Associate Editor: Ray Filar

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Volunteer publishing team

Our daily web publishing is the work of our volunteer interns overseen by the Publisher, Andrew Hyde. A full list of interns past and present can found here.

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openDemocracy Board

Chair of the Board
David Elstein

Magnus Nome

Director of Finance
Peter Johnson

Anthony Barnett

Rosemary Bechler

Technical Director & Contributing Editor
Tony Curzon Price

Non-executive Director
Jeremy Fox

Non-executive Director
John Jackson

Non-executive Director
John Mills

Non-executive Director
Michael Mitchell

Non-executive Director
Turi Munthe

Non-executive Director
Elaine Potter

Non-executive Director
Susan Richards

Non-executive Director
Laura Sandys MP

Technical Advisory Board

Cory Ondrejka
Bill Thompson
Jonathan Zittrain

Technical Team

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