About Andrew Mycock

Andrew Mycock is a Reader in Politics at the University of Huddersfield. He is also co-founder of the Academy for the Study of Britishness at the same university, and co-convenor of the Politics Studies Association Britishness Specialist Group.

He is one of the founding members of the Manchester Film Cooperative. In his spare time, he is secretary of Rostherne Cricket Club and his bowling continues to improve the averages of batsmen across the north-west of England.

Articles by Andrew Mycock

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Adam Ramsay is co-editor of OurKingdom.

Alex Salmond’s Bannock Bairns?

The SNP wish to lower the age of franchise for Scotland's independence referendum to 16 years of age. Is it wise to ask 'wee bairns' to make the biggest decision the country has faced for a generation?

Patriotic love should not be blind: a response to Demos' Britishness report

A critical look at Demos' latest exposition of Britishness, 'A Pride for Place'.

Riots in England: we must stay calm and plan for the future

As looting breaks out in several English towns and cities, it is hoped those who have broken the law are brought to justice. But we must all acknowledge our role in these awful events rather than simply condoning all those involved as "nihilistic thugs".
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