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Don't forget what the economy is for: response to Mills

Logo-There is an alternative

In response to John Mills, the New Economics Foundation's head of social policy argues that it's vital that economists like John Mills don't ignore that the economy is woven into society and dependent upon the planet.

We need to talk about solidarity

It's time for a fresh debate about solidarity.

Health and a fair society: prevention rather than cure

Britain's population is growing and ageing, yet funding for the National Health Service has stagnated for the first time since its birth. A large scale shift is needed, moving from cure to prevention, to avert future crisis.

Ten Big Questions about the Open Public Services White Paper

The government's approach to public services prompts many questions. But one thing is clear: this is about markets over human needs, and competition over co-operation.

Cameron's 'empowerment' scam

Can the government's Big Society idea foster genuine community empowerment, or is it merely a smokescreen for cutting back the size of the state? OurKingdom authors provide top debate and analysis of the Coalition's plans for a renewal of civic life.
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