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Bassam is completing a Master’s Degree in Comparative Government at Oxford University. He is passionate about issues of social and economic justice. At Oxford, his work centers on why the American democratic system has failed to mitigate sharp socio-economic injustice in the African-American community.

Bassam worked at openDemocracy as the Associate Editor for the Middle East and North Africa for two years from 2010-12.

Bassam’s past professional work includes serving as a Foreign Policy Intern in the Office of then- Senator Barack Obama in the spring of 2008. Following the internship he joined Obama for America as a Field Organizer in the crucial swing state of New Hampshire. After that, Bassam served as a White House Intern in the Communications Office and as a Confidential Assistant to the Associate Director for Natural Resources Funding in the President’s Office of Management and Budget.

As a student-journalist at London University, Bassam was the News Editor of the London Student, Europe's largest independent student paper. He has contributed editorials to numerous leading publications including the Chicago Tribune, Daily Beast, HuffingtonPost, CNN Opinion, Christian Science Monitor, and openDemocracy.

Bassam was one of three international scholars awarded the Ralph Dahrendorf Scholarship for the Study of Freedom at Oxford. He also received travel awards from the Rothermere American Institute and the Carr and Stahl Research Fund. As an undergraduate he received the Laurel Award from the University of London for exceptional service.

Before attending Oxford University, Bassam completed a Bachelor’s Degree in History at King’s College, London where he graduated with a First Class Honors Degree. He is fluent in Arabic and has a grasp of basic French.

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