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David Volodzko has been teaching philosophy and literature in East Asia for nine years. He recently completed his graduate studies at SUNY-Stony Brook and is currently based in Dharamshala, India.

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Burning hearts

Self-immolation is slowly becoming the go-to way for Tibetans to protest against Chinese oppression. This banalisation of ritual suicide is a devastating trend and should be banned by Tibetan leaders.

The modern rise of Nazi chic

A mixture of ignorant customers and profit hungry retailers are trivialising the symbolism of Hitler and Nazi Germany in Mongolia, India and South Korea.

What the 2010 Haiti earthquake can teach us about economic partisanship

In crisis and recovery situations such as post-earthquake Haiti, we cannot afford to be wedded to ideology, argues David Josef Volodzko.

Trading lives: Gilad Shalit – Israeli perspectives

Though critics consider the trade a tactical weakness, Israelis on the front lines want to know that the government will work for their safe return in the event of their capture.

A prayer for Denmark

Denmark's 2011 election is upon us. Considering that the nation has been run by a right-wing coalition for ten years, and with the far-right DPP being pushed out of mainstream politics, what lies in store for Denmark?
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