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Kirsty Styles is a digital journalist and youth activist. She is also an enthusiastic dodge ball player and (very) amateur comedian. Kirsty has worked as a media campaigner for Oxfam, and has written for The Observer, RockFM and the Sunday Mirror. Kirsty is an elected youth member of the left-wing think tank Compass.


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Turning the tide of media sexism

Comedy and social media are targeting Britain's Page 3 culture. With Lord Leveson's inquiry lashing the tabloid press for 'reckless prioritising' of sensation, now is the time for activists is to reach out beyond the middle class Twittersphere says Kirsty Styles

When will male politicians take women's rights seriously?

Feminism appears to be back with a vengeance in the UK. Kirsty Styles reports from the UK Feminista lobby of Parliament, and asks how long it will take before the f-word that really rings true in our society is 'fairness'

The rise of the Erotocracy

Is the 21st century woman someone who doesn't have to choose between a career and kids, but is doomed to spend hours in the gym so she can climb that ladder? While the UN celebrated the first International Day of the Girl, Kirsty Styles heard Catherine Hakim on the power of erotic capital

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