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Muath Al Wari is a graduate student at the London School of Economics. You can follow him @MuathAlWari.

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Concern and frustration in the Gulf

America is still the Gulf states' indispensable ally, but the indecisiveness of Obama's policy in the Middle East is starting to foster frustration and concern in the Gulf capital cities. This is where Romney might have a card to play.

Syria: echoes of a paralyzed international community

The double-veto by Russia and China has emboldened the Assad regime, which continues its campaign of wanton massacre against the besieged people of Homs. The immediate priority must be to end the bloodshed and hold Assad and his government accountable, but reform is needed for a paralyzed international community.

The Arab revolutions and “sitting on the fence” on Palestine

The last twelve months have largely been about Arabs trying to put an end to the denial brought about by a coalition of internal, and more importantly, external forces to Arab agency. Palestine is the constant, tangible, and often lethal manifestation of this narrative.
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