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Woman stands naked on airport runway, takes overdose

Britain deports mentally ill asylum seekers in leg restraints and paper suits. A new report by the prisons inspector sheds light on an ugly business.

Community policing or counter-terrorism: What was Britain doing in Sri Lanka?

Why were the British delivering a 'community policing' program during and after Sri Lanka's 2009 civil war? And why are 'national security and counter-terrorism' the reasons for refusing disclosure about it?

'Too narrow' inquiry into British complicity in 1984 Amritsar raid

What to do about accidental disclosures that Thatcher's government advised India on Golden Temple raid? Hold an inquiry. Keep it tight.

British special forces advised 1984 Amritsar raid

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher sent the SAS to advise on the removal of dissident Sikhs from the Golden Temple months before the disastrous Amritsar raid, a top secret file reveals.

British government hires private jet to deport hunger-striker Isa Muazu

A Nigerian asylum seeker on hunger strike at a UK immigration detention centre is due to be forcibly deported early morning, Friday 29 November.

MI5 in Ceylon - the untold story

Britain's collusion in the Sri Lankan state's violent tactics of repression is finally coming to light. But it's only one part of its long history aiding police brutality across many former colonies - and much more remains unknown.

Security industry provides medics for UK deportation flights

The UK government entrusts security company rooted in the military with medical care of detainees on deportation flights.

'A slap on the wrist': Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council

An inteview with Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, President of the Tamil National People's Front, who warns that the Tamil genocide has not been curtailed in post-conflict Sri Lanka.

Student remembrance triggers Tamil rebirth

Strong geostrategic interests in the Indian Ocean may tacitly have condemned the Tamils of Sri Lanka to death on a massive scale in the 2009 aerial bombing of civilans, and ensuing post-war government repression. Recent social movement action in Jaffna shows a groundswell of resistance, but will the world take notice?

'Sending people back to be killed': Today's London to Colombo flight of failed refugees

Mass expulsions from Britain to Sri Lanka of 'failed' asylum seekers are increasing in frequency despite public controversy.

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