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Rachel Graham worked in finance before moving into teaching, covering law, finance, marketing and organisational development. She currently studies journalism.

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Adam Ramsay is co-editor of OurKingdom.

We Own It - a new campaign against the UK's disastrous privatisations

The results have been terrible. Soaring prices, corruption, fraud, enormous expense to the public purse. But Westminster is determined to keep on privatising. New campaign, 'We Own It', says enough is enough.

The naked ideology of re-privatising the East Coast rail line in the UK

A new report suggests the nationalised East Coast line is providing far better value for money than Britain's disastrous private network and its eye watering prices. Is this why the Coalition is desperately trying to re-privatise it?

GPs conflicts of interest remain entirely unresolved

More than 36% of GPs in commissioning groups have interests in private healthcare. Conflicts of interest were a central criticism of the Coalition's disastrous health Act and they appear to have done nothing so far to address the issue.

Where is the UK's growth coming from?

A Public and Commercial Services Union report on wages and growth in the UK highlights a problem the Coalition have studiously avoided: with job losses and wage cuts, how exactly is the economy to grow? Public sector income is private sector demand.

The blame game

Problems of illegality and impropriety in Britain's financial industry go far beyond the casino operations and investment banks, they are a common part of the industry's culture.
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