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René Wildangel is a a German Marshall Fund Congressional Fellow in Washington D.C. He has previously worked for the German Federal Foreign Office and served as an advisor to the German Green Party. He holds a Ph.D. in Middle Eastern History and published "Palestine and National Socialism" in 2007 (in German).

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Palestinian statehood: an idea whose time has come

After years of state building activities and a long period of full cooperation of the Palestinian authorities with Israel and the West, the country now seems ready to become a full member of the UN. It is time for the US and Europe to welcome this timely and legitimate bid, argues Rene Wildangel

After Obama’s Middle East speech: save Palestinian reconciliation

To get beyond the current impasse in the Israel-Palestine conflict, the "Quartet principles" need to be abandoned in favor of an active promotion of Fatah-Hamas reconciliation.
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