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Rodanthi Tzanelli is a lecturer in Sociology at the University of Leeds.

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ERT’s shutdown, social amnesia, and communicative entitlements

The Greek government’s decision to close ERT has been criticised in various activist channels as anti-democratic or even irrational. Yet these activists and opponents of the ERT decision are held together only by thin strands and, in truth, represent heterogenous and conflicting interests and agendas.

Avatar’s ‘development’ predicament

The globally-acclaimed film looks back to the past from a futuristic standpoint to simulate an archetypal moral tale of developmental inequality. Is that a good thing?

‘Take Five’: understanding Greek manifestations of ‘disrespect’

Parading on Greek National Days used to be the quintessential celebration of Greek identity. In the age of austerity it has evolved into an arena of contestation of rituals Greeks used to take for granted.

The Hobbit and New Zealand's heritage industry

Gollum has succeeded where politicians have failed, in replacing a colonial narrative with a myth that changes the ethno-symbolic basis of New Zealand’s imagination
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