I assume I read the bit about

I assume I read the bit about Brega in The Times, but I don't remember. My point is this: if Gaddafi recaptures Brega he will be able to put his jackboot on the neck of Benghazi slowing choking the life out of it. 

I think you are being naive (putting it politely) about the press and media. Gaddafi is controlling the media effectively. They are not allowed to leave Tripoli without permission and a 'minder'. That was on display today on Channel 4 News where they produced the Al Quada terrorist who had been conveniently hanging out in Manchester.   

This is a very fluid situation but I think Gaddafi has been able to 'stabalise' his regime and has effectively regrouped. This is where the West has made a terrible mistake. If we had destroyed his air force I am sure he would have fallen. 

Young hotheads firing AK47s in the air makes good copy, but they may as well fire water pistols. Gaddafi has planes, tanks and heavy artillery. Maybe the rebels are fortifying Benghazi, but Gaddafi will reduce it to rubble and has the means to do this. 

I think Gaddafi is winning and not finished - he holds too many of the cards for that. The tragedy of this business is we are not seeing the 'fall of the Berlin Wall 1989 moment' but rather the Prague Spring or worse still the Hungarian revolution of 1956. If Gaddafi wins it will snuff out the lamp of Liberty across the Middle East and some of us will not live to see it relit.  


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