BigC,Thank you for the link


Thank you for the link to the "Brega situation" above.  It helped me to find this article, which answers some questions about just who the hell the LPNTC is:

It looks like there is some competent and respected leadership afterall.

I am doing the best I can not to be emotional about the situation in Libya.  I still think that intervention is a terrible idea.  Owly has been posting about the no-fly zone, but I truly believe that this would have limited impact.  It is not like the loyalists are using their fighter jets to destroy columns of rebel armor, take out rebel command and control centers, or cripple communications towers relied upon by the rebels to coordinate their forces.  500 pound bombs employed against infantry are only effective if you happened to catch them all in one place, such as a mess hall, or sleeping in barracks, perhaps.  The Libyan jets have a pyschological impact, and not much more.  Instituting a no-fly zone will have no impact on the actual fighting, will taint the Arab grass roots nature of the revolt, might convince the fence-straddlers in Libya to side with the government over the foreigners, and might obligate more action when it has no impact.  Once you start that ball rolling, it is hard to get the genie back in the bottle.


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