Owly,I just said:this is the


I just said:

this is the broadest based rebellion to Gadaffi ever.  I don't believe that the rebels are down to their last gasp.  Even if Gadaffi obliterates organized military opposition in  Benghazi and Misrata, he still has a hostile populace that has recently come into possession of large amounts of weaponry.  He is going to have to occupy his own country, with extended supply lines vulnerable to attack along a vast desert highway, in an attempt to disarm and punish entire populations.  That is not going to be easy.  (Jay)

BigC just posted this above, which is exactly what I am talking about:

And here's exactly the same thing again with a different town.  BBC News and Sky News both reported the fall of Ajdibiya yesterday but here they are  reporting an ongoing battle.

And the end of last week, the loyalists did clear Ras Lanuf, but then the battle continued.  Yesterday, the loyalists did clear Ajdibiya, but they are fighting again today.  Think of what we were facing in Iraq a few years ago.  Just because we could clear a town of insurgents, did not mean we were going to hold it.  As soon as we left, the "civilians" would reach under a bale of hay and pull out an AK-47, and that was all it took for the town to fall back into enemy hands.  Gadaffi has the same thing to deal with.  He has a dislocated insurgency with "cells" of fighters roaming about wreaking havoc, or, about to.


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