I have a question:Why didn't

I have a question:

Why didn't the US coordinate their strike with the French overflights?

Here is my answer: because certain military politicos wanted to wait until darkness fell.  Cruise missiles being launched from American destroyers and cruisers have provided the dramatic footage of the conflict so far, and in order to maximize the effect you have to launch them for the cameras at night.  Expect to see these launches on an endless loop on the news.

Why am I mentioning this?  Because this is the "shock and awe" mentality that really pissed off the world during the Iraq war.  Is this meant to frighten Gadaffi and inspire the rebels?  Is it intended to distract (via national pride) that majority of Americans who didn't want the US to get involved in this affair?

If you say you are going to play a "limited role" then play a goddamned limited role.  I am an American and I love my country, but this makes me wince.  After watching the tenth replay of the missile launches, I had the feeling that Gadaffi went from looking like a ruthless tyrant to an embattled underdog.  That is going to inspire a lot of the wrong people to side with him.  We may now see foreign fighters seek to battle "the unstoppable menace", or Libyans who simply don't like seeing their country attacked by foreigners join the loyalists.

Using a sledgehammer to kill a fly may be a perfectly delightful way to kill a fly, but in a world where suspicion and antipathy towards America flourishes, Americans must be more sensitive to attitudes that are understandably fearful of an unchecked military superpower.  To be honest, this somewhat smacks of a case of national insecurity.  It seems like America needs to prove that even when they defer to their allies in the performance of necessary global police work, that it somehow wouldn't be possible without the Americans in the first place.  I couldn't conceive of how that would be considered as anything less than irritating to our allies.


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