I suspect you ask the


I suspect you ask the question to try to belittle me.

If I am wrong I apologise.

No need to apologise.  I am trying to belittle you.  But I am doing it to make a point.  You see...  If the world adopted your system, but the world did not recognize you as an expert in governmental systems, your system would require us to ignore you.  If you didn't pass muster on the "expert checklist," your opinions would need to be disregarded.

 I am the creator of Expert Government, so I would call myself an expert in it.

That sort of defeats the purpose of your system, dosen't it?  I mean, if anyone can declare themselves a "expert," in any field they wish, then, everyone is a expert in everything.  In order for your system to work, there has to be a system to determine who is an expert, and weed out those who are not.  However, in a democratic society, with freedom of speech as a cornerstone, you have every right to postulate whatever crackpot ideas you wish.  You don't have to be an expert.  All you have to be is a person.   And those who disagree can disagree in a belittling tone if they wish.

I think people often make the mistake of thinking freedom of speech means "all ideas are equally valid."  That is most certainly not the case.  (See any post from Solve.)   Freedom of speech means anyone has the right to voice an opinion, no matter how good, or stupid, it may be.  And anyone else can support, or belittle, the idea, based on how good, or stupid, they believe the idea is.

I did look at your website.  I didn't see anything in it that would cause me to recommend it replacing the U.S. Constitution.


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