Gebyatt,How can you tell that


How can you tell that experts would abuse power any more than the politicians? Many people are suspicious about the motives of politicians. I certainly believe that many are motivated by power and wealth. The experts in Expert Government have less power to abuse and for a limited time, further they are actively policed.

Why for a limited time? Since the decisions these people are making will affect all of our lives, they will have power. There will always be interest in influencing those decisions.


A very important feature for limiting misuse of power is not having hierarchical power structures, which concentrates power in the hands of few and inevitably leads to abuse. Expert government is specialism structured. Influence is limited to one’s specialism and no expert has more influence than another.

But they absolutely will. Trying to run an organization without anyone in charge is minimally an invitation for endless bickering. This government will never get anything done. Out of necessity leaders emerge.


 People have an independent organisation to use to correct abuse, and open access to all information created in the course of government activity.
How do the people correct abuse without a vote?

The importance of not having hierarchical power structures was recognised in the commune movement that was so popular in the US in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Unfortunately, while they had no hierarchical power structures they also had nothing to prevent abuse of personal influence. In specialism structured government members of a specialism may ask a policing unit to moderate an expert that they feel is exercising undue influence. Policing is also proactive, visiting specialisms even when not invited.

 What sort of influence would be considered criminal? If one person in these specializations stands out above the rest what power are you giving competitors or even jealousy? Who watches over the police?

Would the police be the independent organization the people use to correct abuse - the one you also said was outside of the legal system and free? The lack of individual personalities being recognized legally as authorities doesn't remove the potential for corruption.

You're replacing the ability to vote and the presence of authority figures in government with excessive policing. This would turn your expert government into a front for a police state which couldnt possibly be more democratic than representative democracy.


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