gebyatt,You ask “Why for a


You ask “Why for a limited time?” I am suggesting that an expert has a limited tenure before being replaced by another expert. .

I must have read that wrong. I asked why would the policing be needed for a limited time. I thought that is what you were suggesting.


Secondly, it gives more people a chance to influence government policy. In doing so it is enhancing the democratic principle of distributing influence/power. One of my observations is that the influence the average person has over government policy in one vote every few years is negligible. It is better to drop votes and politicians in favour of more ordinary people having a direct influence on policy by taking jobs in government. 

The influence you can have in government if any at all, will be in one area and for a brief amount of time. Your life is going to be affected by more than what your specialty is. You will have nothing to say about most of what is being decided in government. The people with the real influence will be the hiring committees and the policing units. Who's whispering in their ears? Who is paying them under the table?


You also ask “How do the people correct abuse without a vote?”

Policing units are empowered to investigate and remove members of government who are abusing their influence. Anyone from the government or outside of government can request that a member of government be investigated.

Remember that these members of government are also ordinary citizens that are supposed to be exercising there most likely one chance at having an influence in government policy.  If anyone feels this person is abusing "their influence" they will be harassed and possibly lose that opportunity. What kind of influence is that really? Who would want this job?


People can check that members of government are acting correctly by examining the meetings and output of government, as all activity in government is open to examination by anyone.

That's a lot of activity to examine with all of those people coming and going. If you don't like "output of government", what can you do?  File a complaint about someone and their abusive influence? How many complaints are these police units going to see in a year? Why would some complaints be given attention and others ignored? Who is this person filing the complaint anyhow? What agenda do they have to be pestering some person who had their symbolic influence in government, avoided making waves and is now in trouble? lawsuits upon lawsuits


Multiple independent policing units divide this important power up, so that even if corruption gets into one policing unit, multiple others can be asked to check it. Many detailed rules must apply to policing units to ensure their integrity, but this scheme is less corruptible than the current system where politicians are just about untouchable. UK politicians even have parliamentary privilege to escape the laws that apply to the rest of us. The current system certainly is very much more open to abuse.

The current politicians are just about untouchable, so to fix that in your new government, citizens will give up their vote for some one time low paying job in an expert government for a threat or reality of being harassed by policing units if they exercise influence, are overly assertive,  or don't conform to the citizen-government contract?
I see a role for a distinct policing unit to enforce changes in policy that does not conform to the citizen-government contract. They would have power to dismiss all members of a specialism that were shown to have created policy that was intentionally against the contract.
How long do you think it would it take to prove that it was a justifiable dimissal?
It will much easier to hide corruption in a crowd with endless chains of non authority/authority decision making.There's going to be so many people here and gone in this government how is the citizen that isn't involved or not supposed to know who is responsible for anything? What power would we have to do about it anyway? Dont worry the policing units will take care of everything?
You say “… replacing the ability to vote and the presence of authority figures in government … would turn your expert government into a front for a police state which couldnt possibly be more democratic than representative democracy.”

Remember these policing units only have influence over members of government and in very well defined and narrow circumstances. They have no influence over anyone else. It is essential to restrict their power to prevent any abuse of it. They are distinct from the criminal police and have no influence outside of government. I certainly want to avoid creating an authoritarian police state. I have an egalitarian and liberal agenda.

The people the policing units will have influence over will be regular citizens that gave up their vote  to supposedly exercise direct  influence in government policy where in reality they will be forbidden to have any real influence. 



That is going to have to be it for me for awhile. I don't like to leave a conversation in the middle here but I need to. Maybe someone else will pick up. Nice chatting with ya.


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