Brendan,Jay has decided to


Jay has decided to join the grumpy old men, FOX news educated peanut gallery...

I definitely am not joining this discussion.  The Arab Spring is an important global development with far-reaching implications for human evolution.  Occupy is completely irrelevant sideshow of Western folly.

Globalization is absolutely gutting our Western notions of entitlement, and we are all going broke trying to pacify the gluttonous spoiled brats that our populations have become.  We want a 32 hour work week, 4 weeks of vacation, retirement at 50 with a full salary pension, healthcare for all of our dependents and gay lovers, 12 months off for maternity leave at full salary, etc, etc, etc, and if we don't get it we are going to strike.

You can Occupy whatever you want, but your job is not coming back from China my friends.  We had our chance and we blew it.  If you want to see the future of the West you can take a look at Detroit.  It was the unions that decimated the industrial base and hence the heart of the society there, and it wasn't the fault of "rich people".

The real peanut gallery is the drum-circle dropout who thinks that the world owes him a living, the UC-Davis Anthropology major who thinks that the world owes her a living, or the legions of people who live their lives like the Occupiers make their political statements: without any plan for or understanding of the future.  They don't understand the political or economic system that has afforded them near limitless freedom and opportunity, and they don't really care to either.  All they know is that "it is not fair".

So, yeah, pepper spray the little brats.  It is the only way you can get them to take a shower, which is the first step to getting a job at the Apple Store.

But, I might be wrong about all of this.  You, Brendan, keep alluding to some higher function of Occupy without actually clarifying it, and also some magnificent agenda which has eluded me until now.  Would you care to spell it out for me?  This group really needs an articulate, coherent spokesman.


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