Brendan,   I applaude you for



I applaude you for starting your own businesses, working, creating employment, and paying your taxes.  I have worked since I was eight years old (paper route) and have never had a time when I was not either in school, or working.  And, I pay my taxes.  (As a matter of fact, I still use the "short form," without looking for loopholes or deductions.)  And, I don't gripe about paying my fair share to run the government.  Yesterday, I heard an interview with an OWS protestor.  The burr under his saddle was student loans.  OWS is apparently calling for everyone to refuse to pay back their student loans.  That's a heck of a way to revamp the government and get us back on track.  Let's see...

1.  I wish I had had the option to check the "refuse to repay" for my student loans.  But I didn't.  I borrowed it.  I paid it back.  That's the way borrowing works.

2.  If you go seventy grand in debt on a student loan, don't major in Art History, or Primitive Dance.  Pick something that might, someday, provide a paycheck.

3.  Stupid is not justification for a Mulligan. 

4.  I also wish I had the option to check the "refuse to repay" for my house loans, car loans, credit card debt, and other purchases I have racked up over a lifetime.  But, I made choices and paid for them.  I also wish I had the thousands upon thousands of dollars I've spent on cigarettes, but, by damn, those Winstons sure are worth it.

5.  I wish my wife and I had not had to scrape, save, go without, and barely get by when we were first starting out.  I wish we had not had to live in a trailer, or an apartment, when we first got married.  But, we did.  Because we could not afford a house while we were still in college.  That's the ways this shit goes.

6.  The government does not owe you a house, or a degree, or automatic credit.  And when you borrow from someone, even if it's just a dollar for a candy bar and a Coke, pay it back.  Maybe I'm old-fashioned.  Maybe I can't understand the mindset that "the world owes me everything, simply because I exist."  But, I was not raised that way.  You pay debts back.  Even if they are only based on a handshake.


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