The Infest ... er, Occupy Movement -- an idea whose time should never have come is now going

Recent news updates from Occupy protests read like a crime blotter: A man shot near the encampment in Oakland. A homeless person dead in Salt Lake City. A suicide in Vermont. Two drug overdoses and a molotov cocktail in downtown Portland, Ore. A sexual assault in Philadelphia. Hypothermia in Denver ... and a 53-year-old man unnoticed in his tent in New Orleans, dead for at least two days.

Even more prevalent are city concerns about sanitation. Thousands of protesters have lived outdoors with few toilets and no showers for the better part of two months.

Protesters in Chicago violated a noise ordinance; a protester in New York defecated on a police car. In Oakland, when police officers forcibly cleared protesters from Frank Ogawa Plaza this week, in part to deal with a rat infestation, cleaning crews hauled away more than 100 tents, dozens of molded mattresses and 27.8 tons of trash.

And now, as The Washington Post reports, cities are finally clearing out these cesspools in public parks. A group of some hundreds of New Yorkers protested the protesters earlier in the week, telling them to clear out. And the movement, which is calling for more fiscal responsibility, is costing the cities it's occupying millions of dollars.

With the clearing of New York's Zuccotti Park, the movement's birthplace, cities are finally taking back their citizens' public spaces. The true 99 percent is finally speaking up.

Well old SauerKraut you

Well old SauerKraut you really are a bad tempered old ***** today, and the past week. Grow up. If you don't want to debate then don't come here. You are doing what you have so often done in the past. Get over yourself. 

Wrong, rabid bird. I am not

Wrong, rabid bird. I am not bad tempered. It’s not true that I don’t want to debate. It’s not true that I do something I have done in the past. I thought you had got it when you hid behind your olive branches. You said you wished a more relaxed state than open hostilities in order to be able to be rude. Right, bird. I’d prefer if you weren’t rude, but hey hop…

Accusations of mass-murder are something completely different than rudeness. Insinuations that I was vermin or the like are beyond the pale too. I needn’t tolerate mass-murderers’ language. I don’t accept racism and sexism, and I had to suffer from both here. These rules aren’t too difficult I think.

Every racist and sexist here stinks. They have been shitting in their pants. They are living in elephants’ arseholes. And my saying this is much nicer behaviour than what they show.

Look SauerKraut, you are

Look SauerKraut, you are behaving in a stupid and silly way. Every damn debate on here gets hijacked by you and destroyed. Look at how you behaved in the main boards towards Ethan. When I tried to make peace you were far less than polite and engaged in the idea. If you don't get your own way you moan and whinge until everyone gives into you. Looking at this thread the others may have been rude to you, but by God you seem to me to have provoked them. And that is what you seem to do. You are behaving like a spoilt child, which is probably what you are. Grow up. 

There is rudeness and there

There is rudeness and there is the intolerable. You ought to learn the difference. I am under no obligation to tolerate racism, or if I am, I won’t take that from you but only from the editors.

Ethan is just another of these right-wing extremists who don’t want to debate, but want to destroy debate, and I have no intention to accept that. What you want is a venue for the extreme right.

Btw., you did not try to make peace. You tried to downgrade the hostilities and both Martin and I supported that and your fellow right-wingers did not. You reserved the prerogative to defame me as fascist, which definitely is not peace. It is a method you have used before to drive democrats away.

You and your shitty friends want to make this a forum of only a very small part of the political spectrum AND only nationalities of the Anglo-block. With what right?

You not going off in a huff

You not going off in a huff yet ?? That is usually what you do. Anyway I thought you had going off in a huff and vowed never to return, yet here you are. 

Oh and don't slam the door when you leave. Frightfully bad manners. 

Bird’s shit all over the

Bird’s shit all over the place. Have you been attracted by Henry’s elephantine shit?

And no, I won’t leave. I won't slam the door either. I will not even show bad manners by the standards of this forum.

My, my you all seem to have

My, my you all seem to have upset old SauerKraut. And all these personal attacks. Tut tut. 

You must have tried Henry’s

You must have tried Henry’s booze. Bad idea, rabid bird. FYI: It was Mike who complained about the tone.

If you or he don’t like my comments on elephantine shit, bad luck. Anything goes here, even racism, so don’t complain.

I thought we talked about

I thought we talked about this: The elephant ass fixation seems to be bad for trolls -- I think it would be best if you sought some help. And I hope that's all it is: a lot of yours seem to feature defecation. And while there's no substantive difference between the words you post and the substance you seem to be fixated on, it's still somewhat disturbing -- I think even Brendan would agree.

But I can't stay to help -- my work day is done, family and dinner await, and I actually HAVE a life to get back to. So, as much as it may harm you, please feel free to obsessively hunt for more shit (literal and figurative) to amuse yourself with.

“The elephant ass fixation

The elephant ass fixation seems to be bad for trolls”


As an aside ... been cracking

As an aside ... been cracking myself up the past few minutes picturing Brendan and der idiot hunched over their keyboards feverishly typing variations of "elephant ass elephant crap man in elephant's ass" into Google images...

“der idiot” Haha! Double

“der idiot”

Haha! Double asshole whiner can’t even get the gender right. Sits in the glasshouse and shouts “idiot”. How pathetic.

Actually, I think it's Alan

Actually, I think it's Alan who has the house with lots of glass (views must be nice). Mine's brick and fieldstone. Either sounds more comfy than a troll hole. But then, each to what suits them best, yes? And I'm not sure trolls have a gender -- why would they need one? So, sorry ... das idiot!

No, whiner, you definitely

No, whiner, you definitely don’t need a gender. You’ve accidentally hit on a bit of truth there.

Now go and get drunk, the only thing you can, whiner.

Awww ... does that mean you

Awww ... does that mean you don't wanna play anymore? Ran out of elephant ass pix? I bet if you look in your other folders full of ass-related photos, you'll find something good.

Still whining, asshole? Can't

Still whining, asshole? Can't find the bottle? Then go and shit.

Goodness! Not only a sad,

Goodness! Not only a sad, drunk and repugnant little troll, but one with such a potty mouth! I suspected that the endless searching for ass photos would lead to no good in the end ...

In short, you are too stupid

In short, you are too stupid to shit. Well, thought as much.

"Thought as much." Really?

"Thought as much."

Really? When did you start doing that? You should have told someone! We could have had some sort of celebration! Ah, but then you're already celebrating, aren't you? ;)  Well, it's pretty rough -- one line, puerile, obscene. But it's a start. I'll be watching for any more of this new development from you. It can only be a good thing.

Oh. So that's why you are too

Oh. So that's why you are too stupid to shit.

Just so y'all don't think I

Just so y'all don't think I was bullshittin' everybody, and in an attempt to maintain some semblance of credibility, here are a few of my father's patents:


Wouldn't have thought that

Wouldn't have thought that regardless, but that's a cool list, Alan. Your dad must be something. Bet your school science projects were second to none

Thanks, Henry.  I think, as

Thanks, Henry.  I think, as much as anything, I just wanted to take the opportunity to brag about my Dad.  I'm pretty proud of what he's accomplished.

And is was fun growing up in that house.  There was always some kind of weird shit to play with. We had a tube wrapped with an electromagnet, one time, and as fast as you could shove metal slugs in the back end of the tube, it would fire them out the front.  So I had a playtoy, silent machine gun to mess around with.  Although it was frustrating at times.  When I was a kid, and one of my toys would break, he's hand me a screwdriver and say, "Take it apart and figure out how to fix it."

You probably know this one

You probably know this one from George Herbert: "One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters."

Meant to ask earlier -- has

Meant to ask earlier -- has the EU given any thought to instituting an "Idiots Occupy the Internet Day," as opposed to allowing it 24/7, 365? It would be helpful for the rest of us, obviously, to know which specific day to avoid forums such as this. As it is, as witnessed above, it's all idiot, all the time from the Eurozone. (Brendan, I'd suggest the same for Canada, but I just don't think there are enough of you -- or more to the point, enough interesting, non-ass-related opinions -- to bother.)

If you avoid this forum 24/7,

If you avoid this forum 24/7, 365, you will be on the safe side, whiner. Don’t believe we hadn’t got why nobody tried to shoot a hole into your brain, double asshole. They couldn’t very well use a microscope.

I push the button, the frog's

I push the button, the frog's leg jerks. Fascinating!

Looking for the button,

Looking for the button, whiner?

You know what they say about

You know what they say about the internet, Aushängeschild für Idiotie: The things you post hang around forever. Are you sure you want to be posting pix from momo family playtime at Zoo und Tierpark Berlin? This might open you up to charges of child (or perhaps elephant) abuse...

Have you not yet finished

Have you not yet finished with the only thing you can, whiner?

I was thinking it was a

I was thinking it was a Canadian thing, but perhaps this elephant-ass-affection is a more widespread kink. Then again, Germans and their perversions ...

Revealing that you think it

Revealing that you think it was affection, whiner.

Because I have a moment, and

Because I have a moment, and it's fun, a little education for you:

whine   [hwahyn, wahyn] verb, whined, whin·ing, noun verb (used without object)

1. to utter a low, usually nasal, complaining cry or sound, as from uneasiness, discontent, peevishness, etc.: The puppies were whining from hunger.

2. to snivel or complain in a peevish, self-pitying way: He is always whining about his problems.

insult [v. in-suhlt; n. in-suhlt]

1. to treat or speak to insolently or with contemptuous rudeness; affront.

2. to affect as an affront; offend or demean.

3. Archaic . to attack; assault.

The latter is what I do; the former is what you do. Let me know what further clarification you need in how English works. Always happy to help!

What you do is: you show what

What you do is: you show what a worthless asshole you are, whiner. You can shit, you can whine, you can get drunk, and that's it. Loser.

Actually I could post that a

Actually I could post that a third time. Henry the asshole won't get it.

Speaking of getting drunk ...

Speaking of getting drunk ... late night with the bottle? Something got you sleepless and searching the internet for elephant ass-related pix?

Clueless, whiner? Nobody's

Clueless, whiner? Nobody's surprised.

Now now, don't be that way.

Now now, don't be that way. Far be it from me to deny you a drunken rant, after mine of the other day. The difference, however, is that ALL of the relentlessly negative tripe you post sounds like a drunken rant. Now, if it's true that you are, in fact, continually in a drunken stupor, you should let us all know. After all, it's not fair to you OR us to conclude, as we all have, that you are merely a puling idiot. If you're a DRUNKEN puling idiot, allowances can be made.

Clueless then. As expected.

Clueless then. As expected.

Listen, I know it's hard to

Listen, I know it's hard to type when you're inebriated. But did you see how long mine was? Concentrate, and try a little harder (until you pass out, that is)! There's a good little troll.

Whining asshole

Whining asshole

Quite a refined vocabularity

Quite a refined vocabularity you have there.  I take it you've run out of cogent speech and only have vulgarity remaining.  How proud your children must be.

Adapting to the language the

Adapting to the language the scum I am talking to understands. Racists don't deserve better than that anyway.

Then you better hope that you

Then you better hope that you do not get what you deserve.

Stepping up the

Stepping up the defamation,Mike? Where have I ever been racist?

That hardly seems like trying

That hardly seems like trying harder. Your little troll eyes are getting droopy, aren't they?

Whining louder, asshole?

Whining louder, asshole?

Here's one Brendan and

Here's one Brendan and Momo...

This would be a pathetic

This would be a pathetic attempt at humour in any case.

The 1% aren’t covering their fair share of expenses. They will be made to do so.

Except you (and the OWS

Except you (and the OWS leeches) do not define what is "fair".  Even if you defined "fair" as 100% of their income AND confiscated the wealth of the evil 1%, it does not make a dent in the economy until government spending is cut.  No surprise that you don't get it and probably why you'll never be in the 1% yourself.