The Infest ... er, Occupy Movement -- an idea whose time should never have come is now going

Recent news updates from Occupy protests read like a crime blotter: A man shot near the encampment in Oakland. A homeless person dead in Salt Lake City. A suicide in Vermont. Two drug overdoses and a molotov cocktail in downtown Portland, Ore. A sexual assault in Philadelphia. Hypothermia in Denver ... and a 53-year-old man unnoticed in his tent in New Orleans, dead for at least two days.

Even more prevalent are city concerns about sanitation. Thousands of protesters have lived outdoors with few toilets and no showers for the better part of two months.

Protesters in Chicago violated a noise ordinance; a protester in New York defecated on a police car. In Oakland, when police officers forcibly cleared protesters from Frank Ogawa Plaza this week, in part to deal with a rat infestation, cleaning crews hauled away more than 100 tents, dozens of molded mattresses and 27.8 tons of trash.

And now, as The Washington Post reports, cities are finally clearing out these cesspools in public parks. A group of some hundreds of New Yorkers protested the protesters earlier in the week, telling them to clear out. And the movement, which is calling for more fiscal responsibility, is costing the cities it's occupying millions of dollars.

With the clearing of New York's Zuccotti Park, the movement's birthplace, cities are finally taking back their citizens' public spaces. The true 99 percent is finally speaking up.

Explain, please. I really

Explain, please. I really want to understand. Why are you calling Jay’s and Henry’s behaviour good natured fun? I have never in my life met people who dehumanise so unashamedly. With every post they are saying that I am not entitled to human dignity for my nationality, and you call that fun?

Ahhh ... we seem to have come

Ahhh ... we seem to have come around to yet another self-pitying cycle in the NatNabNeg's personality pathology. This should be good for several days'/weeks' worth of unremitting self-indulgence and whining ... not to mention the resultant pain for anyone who cares to read her drivel. Think I'll pass.

Momo,I am speaking more


I am speaking more specifically about remarks directed at OWS. I'm not sure about comments directed at you, I tend to skip over that. There's a notable difference in my view between malicious juvenile provocation aimed at your person (not good) and posting groundless smears, lies and disinformation as well as normalizing state sponsored brutality by any means possible (er, just like the Nazi's did, very, very bad. Sociopathic.)

I'll give you some advice though, if you completely ignore efforts to undermine the argument with such inanity, eventually the discussion tends to veer back onto the tracks. The only person I hold no truck with here is Iron Mike. He's beyond redemption (politically).


"On topic" Unusual. Yeah, I

"On topic"


Yeah, I know. They are unwashed, they abuse the welfare system, they even eat your tram ticket. This evilness!

You won’t win, Alan.

Momo,I don't understand why


I don't understand why you consider your video to be on topic.  What does the fact that the Germans are all still Nazis have to do with the Occupy protests?

Now now, Jay: Momo is no

Now now, Jay: Momo is no Nazi. That would be an improvement.

She's a nihilist. A modern iteration of Safire's nattering nabobs of negativity. She relishes only hostility. If she can't say something contentious, she's not happy. Think "joy in joylessness."

Jay, About the only reason I


About the only reason I come back to this site is...  You and Henry still  have the uncanny ability crack me up.

I loved Henry's description of Republicans.  ...smarter, better looking...

Keep it up, boys.

Alan,Yes, Henry Hart is more


Yes, Henry Hart is more like "Henry Art", and he keeps me coming back.  I will always remember with fondness the "artfully deranged" post he left for Brendan, in which he discussed his deserted office, his penis, and a cleaning lady of unfortunately advanced age.  That performance outshined even his most embittered sparrings with Brolly, which are in the pantheon of oD rivalries as the most erudite ramblings of crankiness ever penned.

I appreciate the kind words

I appreciate the kind words from you both, and the sentiment is definitely returned. Were it not for Jay, the term "douchebag" very likely would not have remained such an actively used and cherished part of my lexicon. And Alan's straight-to-the point acerbic arrows are always sharp and fly true.

But Jay ... I think you have me confused with someone else. The post about the cleaning lady ... I have no idea what that is, but I'm almost positive I didn't pen it. Now Brolly, I remember...

Right backatcha, Alan. Your

Right backatcha, Alan. Your hillbilly humor, coupled with Jay's amusing insanity, are endlessly refreshing. Although I have to say, if this thing with Candace continues, those two need to get their own thread ...

You bizarros have given an

You bizarros have given an entertaining show on both threads today.

Incidentally your desparate reactions show that you really have no arguments at all against the occupy movement. This is why you take to the racist and personal slurs that are the only thing you pitiful lot can bring about.

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

First off...  I didn't know

First off...  I didn't know there was a competition.

Second...  I don't ride "trams" or whatever the hell y'all call 'em.  I drive great big, gas guzzling, 4 wheel drive SUVs.  (Unless I'm in my wife's Jeep.  It's 4 wheel drive, but not that big.)

Third...  I've supported plenty of causes in the past.  Especially environmental causes.  Hell, I've helped lead some.  But the OWS protests are just, plain stupid.  And the demands are so scattered and hair-brained, I don't expect them to accomplish Jack Squat.  It's like they are throwing a handful of corn at a target.  They have no hope in hell of hitting the bullseye.

Fourth... Y'all need to come to Hollywood to hire some actors.  The ones you're using are too ugly.  (And what kind of goony, friggin' hat was that?  Y'all oughtta stick to lederhosen and the dopey, pheasant-feathered hats.  Or do you have shaving cream brushes on the hats?  I get it confused with the Scots.  Don't they hang the brushes from a rope belt on their skirts, and y'all put 'em on your heads?  Still looks real stupid, but at least you can excuse it as a cultural thing.)

He wins by default. By the

He wins by default.

By the way, I hope you signed a model release when you agreed to play the old woman on the tram. (You're a natural -- not surprisingly!) Otherwise, you might not get any residuals.

Some men, you just can't

Some men, you just can't reach. You, sir, I fear, are one of them.

Gonna assume that's mostly

Gonna assume that's mostly Republicans agreeing with Newt. Republicans are generally much cleaner and better groomed. Also smarter. And better-looking.

Another off topic. 

Another off topic.  Sorry...



And one off topic (but I

And one off topic (but I couldn't resist):

What in blue blazes ...?

What in blue blazes ...?

Henry,Actually, the title of


Actually, the title of the poster is "WTF?"

One more, on topic:

One more, on topic:

Brendan and Momo might like

Brendan and Momo might like this article on OD:

Occupy Wall Street is All Over The Media: But for How Long?

Folks other than Brendan and Momo might like my comment.

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This one might be my favorite

This one might be my favorite of all the OWS funnies (not counting the countless pepper-spraying cop iterations)

Hello Jay,You're going out of

Hello Jay,

You're going out of your way to be a jerk and I get the feeling that it is directed at me as well as Momes. I could be wrong.The internet is the perfect place to misinterpret what people are saying. I dont have any experience with this.  ;) You could just be frustrated that you're not getting the reaction you want. Who knows. I posted what I wrote to Henry because I get a kick out of the non reaction reaction I get with you guys when I write that stuff. what the.. ? Probably just like when you post picture and you imagine your target gasping in horror. See now I said it, I can't do it anymore.

I'm going to guess.The surname I used on FB comes from the French side of the family. I think that is the village they came from. I decided to use it there for important and not so important reasons. I was also told they would probably close my profile if I changed it back so I kept it.

I am half Calabrian, and half equal parts northern Italian, Irish, German and French. As far as I know both sides of my family are Catholic. My great grandmother from Savelli was a Rosicrucian.
I was baptized Catholic, I have godparents.

I did a search on that name and I saw the Israeli facebook profile search thing (no results) come up. I don't know why it does that. I kinda get a kick out of it though.Is that what this is about? Or am I coming from out of nowhere? Is it  my posts that have made you and Mike think I was secretly Jewish?
I don't agree that Jews are the most obnoxious people I've ever known.  Quite the opposite. If there ever was a group of people that I had admiration for it would be them. I do in general connect with people in the Middle East, which includes Muslims. I don't discuss religion with people but  it gets to me when people intentionally try to offend or dominate with religion. In the sometimes paranoid environment of the online discussion this has become a problem.

I was raised in a family where your spirituality was considered  your own path and respected for it as such. I raise my kids that way and I believe this is one of the most sacred choices you can make other than who you start a family with.

I have a general feeling of dislike for Christians these days (Catholic is family I dont include it in there)  because of the political, potentially intending to be a spiritually squashing movement, going on with them in this country and their general intolerance for anything that isn't them. But saying I don't like all of them would also be incorrect because most everyone I see and know would probably call themselves a Christian and they aren't all in that same place, you know what I am saying.  I do live in a TP area, though. :-(

I prefer to hang out with artists and musicians and they are often left leaning people. We have in common  knowing that certain things are personal choices. We have a liking for organic food and an interest alternative medicine. (no that doesn't mean marijuana) That is about it though. I am personally conservative. I am hardcore about responsibility, and that includes when to go to war.

So I may have wrote that for nothing.I don't see any harm in trying to keep things clear though. It does irritate me when people (not pointing at you) try to do the opposite...  but only for so long and then its just ridiculous. No hard feelings regardless of any of it. Have fun.

Happy Thanksgiving, Candace.

Happy Thanksgiving, Candace.

Thanks Alan, you too. 

Thanks Alan, you too. 

(No subject)

Jay, I have no real feelings


I have no real feelings for this issue, I think Brendan is off the mark with his thinking that these occupy movements are anything more than expression of the bored and alienated youth, magnified by unusually high unemployment. And, I think the rest of you are nuts for bothering to care about where a bunch of kids decide to camp.

However, I was bantering with a co-worker in the cafeteria at work the other day and made an offhand joke about someone collapsing faster than the twin towers. That got me thinking, if I put a poster of the twin towers collapsing with your name on it and then below wrote something like 'Arrogance...always comes crashing down sooner or later' would that offend your sensibilities.

Just curious...

Chris,That got me thinking,


That got me thinking, if I put a poster of the twin towers collapsing with your name on it and then below wrote something like 'Arrogance...always comes crashing down sooner or later' would that offend your sensibilities.

It would have about 10 years ago, but I learned a lot about the world after 9/11.  There are sick people everywhere.  Speaking of which, you might enjoy this video:

How Canadians think of 9/11

Yes, but have you learned

Yes, but have you learned anything about yourself, or your country, in these last ten years? That's the more important question.




LOL!!!!  Jay you're killing

LOL!!!!  Jay you're killing me!   Funniest thread in months!

Hey, where's my picture?

Hey, where's my picture? Don't be shy.

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Happy Thanksgiving The gift

Happy Thanksgiving 

The gift of photoshop keeps on giving, and giving, and...

I think the soon to be Mr

I think the soon to be Mr Pike is a photoshop legend





Goodness, it can. Maybe you

Goodness, it can. Maybe you should avoid posting when you're high, Jay. 


Found a site to do exactly

Found a site to do exactly what I wanted:

Holy Shi'ite Moslems Batman! 

Holy Shi'ite Moslems Batman!  I forgot to do one for myself...

And how about one for Momo. 

And how about one for Momo.  (I actually worked hardest on this one, my dear.)

How much farther can this

How much farther can this forum sink? Now there is even gloating over the “showers” of Auschwitz here. How excessively funny for Jay and his friends!

Momo,You are so ungrateful. 


You are so ungrateful.  I honestly worked hardest on yours.  I searched for the perfect Hitler pic, both pensive and menacing.  I thought about the the perfect title, leading up to the perfect double-entendre punch line.  This thing is a minor masterpiece, worthy of a putzpuller prize, and all you do is criticize.  Just admit it: this thing is heil-arious!

Actually, I wanted to thank you.  I have been beating to death the "smelly hippies" theme, so I wasn't sure if everyone would get the "shower" reference.  But, like the perfect complement of a comedy duo, you went ahead and spelled it out for everyone.  We make a great team.

Who here wouldn't have gotten

Who here wouldn't have gotten the shower reference? Most of us are NOT from Texas, and therefore quite intelligent. You moronic doucehbag.

Come on, Momo.  You don't

Come on, Momo.  You don't honestly expect any of us to take an attempt to reincarnate hippiedom, forty or fifty years later, seriously.  Do you?

Your idea that this political

Your idea that this political movement was “reincarnating hippiedom” is strange, but irrelevant now. Do you really endorse this asshole’s holocaust jokes? How low can you sink, Alan?

I endorse almost all forms of

I endorse almost all forms of humor.  I think the world would be a really shitty place if you took everything seriously.  You want holocaust jokes?  I can think of two, right off the top of my head.

The turkey's almost done.  I gotta clear off the table.

I see. You find human

I see. You find human suffering so funny that you want more of it, right?