Thanks Candace for starting

Thanks Candace for starting this thread (and the others who posted), some fantastic songs and performances – some I’ve seen only for the first time and enjoyed. As some people say in sunny south London, I was feeling it – especially link 1 at the top of the thread.

Well, here’s my two-penneth worth – two of my favourites.

Hope you enjoy them.

love this!  Fleetwood Mac -

I wasn't expecting anyone to

I wasn't expecting anyone to post on this thread. My plan was to continue counting each video I posted until my ability to have a conversation with someone returned!  :)  But, I've come to realize that  if you arent tuned in to the audio visual media buzz, along with all of the tv shows, you aren't going to get where the public mindset is at and most of the time they have no idea what you're talking about. Darn, is what I'm saying. 

Being on the outside of this television business, you really notice how what people are thinking about is dictated by television. I have been impressed how some people don't appear to allow the media bs to bother them, they can get what they want out of it and keep moving. I wonder how do they do it. But when I take a peek at what they're looking at, I wish I wouldn't have because there's a bit of time there where everyone is not only shallow but also insane. I don't say that as a personal judgment on the intelligence of everyone, its a perplexing wall I wish wasn't there. I feel like a foreigner and I don't like that but the so called remedy is an ugly, soul sucking-experience!  What to do. Anyway.. this is just about the greatest thing I have ever heard.

He's been involved in other japanese prog bands that's more like listening to hyper equations than anything else. I can dig it, but if you listen to it too much, which for me its tempting to do, it kind of puts you into a state of mind where other music seems too slow and kind of retarded. :(

I used to see this guy in

I used to see this guy in concert every time I got a chance.  Probably a dozen times.  Pity he got killed.  Here's one of the saddest songs I ever heard:

I'm still stunned Freddie

I'm still stunned Freddie Mercury was able to write and sing this when he was as sick as he was and knew he was dying:

You're a hick, Jay -- you

You're a hick, Jay -- you probably love these guys. But I gotta admit -- I do too

Don' cha just love

Heck, yeah! You're speaking

Heck, yeah! You're speaking my language now, Alan. I always loved the one where Bugs makes a fruit salad on Elmer's head.  Made me think of this

"Oh  Bwunnhilda, you'w so

"Oh  Bwunnhilda, you'w so wuvwy."

"Yes I know it. I can't help it."


Cracks me up, every time.

And that's not even Bug's

And that's not even Bug's best moment at the opera -- this is!

That theme tune (Aguirre) is

That theme tune (Aguirre) is as sweet and powerful as the film it came from – I also think Klaus Kinski should be deified.

Proper, Candace! Eddie Hazel

Proper, Candace! Eddie Hazel is dope

I have my funky moments.

I have my funky moments.

Tom Waits, Chocolate Jesus

Tom Waits, Chocolate Jesus (Ya gotta watch him strut three minutes in.  He makes Jagger look like a fairy.)

Tom Waits, Hold On

I've never really liked or

I've never really liked or disliked Tom Waits. I know a couple of people that worked with him. The Book of Knots feat. Tom Waits - Pray

Kind of Tom Waits-ish: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Cockroach

Puerto Rican Garage Rock,

Puerto Rican Garage Rock, Davila666

Helped make Blondie famous, The Nerves

...because I can dance to it, Manu Chao

The only reason I don't bomb Canada, Coeur de Pirate

My favorite song to Two-Step to, Billy Bragg and Wilco

  The only reason I don't


The only reason I don't bomb Canada


If you like pretty girls, singing pretty songs...  Stevie Nicks, at her peak:

dancing southern man..  I get

dancing southern man..  I get the impression you have a life. :)

Maybe Momo can translate the first part of this.  I think it's German.