Building bridges in Russian civil society

Direct aid givers, civic activists, and political activists spend as much time arguing amongst themselves as they do building civil society. With such divisions, it is clear that bridges need to be built not only between civil society and the state.

Taking sides in Ukraine

Most commentators have turned a blind eye to some of the more unsavoury aspects of either Putin and the Maidan, depending on their ideological background. Hypocrisy is everywhere, but that doesn't mean we should be ambivalent about what's happening in Ukraine. 

Video - Richard Seymour on his new book, Against Austerity

The author talks about his new book, an extract of which OurKingdom has published here.

Fascism swelling in Britain

Fascist protests on the streets are a growing sign of the dark forces emerging from capital's post-08 sterility.

An extract from Against Austerity

Austerity may seem self defeating but the forces maintaining it are not stupid, they are masters of self interest and self enrichment - it is critical that we consider the rational case for austerity from the viewpoint of those implementing it and lobbying for it.

On beauty: Special K adverts, body dysmorphic disorder, and Lupita Nyong'o

None of us can escape from the vicious reality of our cultural obsession with 'beauty', but I was lucky to survive my body dysmorphic disorder. This is the sixth article in our politics of mental health series. Content warning: suicide attempt, self harm.

García Márquez and "the Latin American who came in from the cold"

Former Swedish deputy foreign minister and UN ambassador Pierre Schori remembers circumstances and characters, including the late prime minister Olof Palme, that linked him to Gabriel García Márquez, in the work they did on Latin America. 

Has Tunisia forgotten where its revolution began?

Justice for those who died or were wounded in the revolutionary struggle puts politicians in direct confrontation with the Ministries of Defence and the Interior. No political party has taken that risk.

The fight against fracking continues

Britain's only Green MP writes about her acquital after being arrested for blockading the entrance to a fracking site in Balcomb, Sussex.

Russian civil society is a 25-year-old work in progress

A summary of the results of the recent Salzburg Global Seminar ‘Russian Civil Society Symposium: Building Bridges to the Future’ is simple: no easy answers, more questions. But that does not mean it was a failure.