Scotland's independence referendum: do we already know the result?

What will be the result of the Scottish independence referendum? And what can past referendums around the world teach us about how to read the polls, and teach each side about how to win?

The UK is flooded in climate silence

The last time there were major floods in the UK, they were met with climate change marches and demands for action. Now, one victim of the floods asks if a climate silence has descended on Britain.

Time to re-introduce nature's flood management engineer - the beaver

As climate change brings more rain, Britain is suffering from the extinction here of our native flood engineers - the beaver. One reintroduction project in Scotland is showing this week why they are so important.

Cameron's government sided with the speculators - and lost

In the teeth of oppostion from the British government, the EU has agreed regulations to curb gambling on food prices.

Latest inflation figures: 3 things you should know

There has been much cheering about Britain's drop in inflation from 2.1% to 2%. However, living standards are still falling, the drop in inflation has little to do with the government and low inflation is a problem when you have high debts.

Man, 84, dies handcuffed in hospital: UK border control by the GEO Group

A shocking report on Harmondsworth, the British immigration lock-up run by GEO, America's second biggest prisons contractor. Who are the GEO Group and what do they stand for?

Hunt seeks the right to close hospitals without consulting patients

Jeremy Hunt is about to render Clinical Commissioning Groups impotent and unable to serve their patients needs.

Managing democracy, managing dissent

Mike Schwarz discusses Corporate Watch's new book, Managing Democracy, Managing Dissent – Capitalism, Democracy and the Organisation of Consent, edited by Rebecca Fisher.

Race, class and the price of policing

Metropolitan Police officers assaulted two protesters, then claimed they had been attacked. Video footage exposed their lie. One of the victims, this week awarded a £20,000 settlement, writes about police brutality

Art as politics - honours and republicanism

The current Daumier exhibition shines an uncomfortable light on today's art and our honours system. Questioning our political establishment may not win gongs but it is sorely needed.

The many parliaments of our archipelago

There are ten, or maybe eleven, legislatures in the island chain known to the British as the British Isles - and three, or maybe four, armies. We see ourselves as relatively uniform, but the inhabitants and constitutions of the North Atlantic Archipelago are an eclectic bunch.

Lobbyists - what alcohol and gambling learned from tobacco

The Lobbying Bill being debated this week will do nothing to expose corporate lobbying. If we are going to diminish their influence in government, we need to understand their tactics better and call them out. 

Farage is right - it's not just the economy, stupid!

The immigration debate is about more than jobs and taxes; it is about the small everyday changes that people feel are undermining their sense of belonging. It should not be left to UKIP alone to speak on these issues.

British press poisons minds against asylum seekers

How the Daily Telegraph twisted an official audit of a botched privatisation . . . to smear and defame asylum-seekers.

Britain's botched privatisation of asylum housing

UK spending watchdog confirms mismanagement in outsourcing to G4S and Serco. Report casts doubt on public servants' ability to scrutinise powerful contractors.

The NHS - my part in its downfall

I have broken the NHS in to digestible bits ripe for being eaten up by private companies, confesses an NHS clinician. 

Winning the class war: a ruling class perspective

Liam Barrington-Bush reads Susan George’s new book, ‘How to Win the Class War: The Lugano Report II,’ and, while impressed by its breadth of information, is left wondering if more intellectual criticisms of capitalism are going to help us get out of the mess the free market has created.

What can the case for Scottish Independence learn from the Irish example?

The nationalist movement developed in the two countries at about the same time, in the late nineteenth century, gathering momentum in a campaign for Home Rule in the years leading up to World War I, only to be stalled by the outbreak of war.

The Department of Work and Pensions and Atos Healthcare: still failing UK’s most vulnerable

Disabled people are forced to live on the breadline for months as Atos failed to give them an appointment. Sick people are told they can work months before dying. People are driven to suicide. The breaking of our support system for ill and disabled people continues...

Has Jack Monroe handed Sainsbury's an absolute bargain?

Food blogger and campaigner Jack Monroe has done a deal with Sainsbury's. It's good that she's donating the proceeds to good causes. But she is still helping advertise a company which is a cause of the problem she fights against.

Should you have to 'earn' your right to use the NHS?

More NHS migrant charging proposals, although migrants pay more than average tax already, set a divisive new trend.

The constructive radical's guide to organisational change

Often, activists who are used to and ideologically committed to more horizontal forms of organising find themselves working for NGOs or charities with hierarchical structures. This guide provides some suggestions for how to constructively subvert these structures.

The many languages native to Britain

There are around seventeen languages native to the UK. Some are on the verge of extinction. Much more should be done to save them - starting, in some cases, with the basic step of recognising that they exist.

Caste as a colonial creation

The discussion around UK legislation on caste discrimination is too quick to forget how much it was Britain which invented the system in the first place.

The London evening train

A lonely train journey in London tells us much about life in the capital. Should we have a new academic field: anthropology of the train?

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