One Man, Two Guvnors: the conflict at the heart of British justice

Yesterday Chris Grayling, who is both Minister of State for Justice (dismantling the legal aid system) and Lord Chancellor (sworn to uphold the rule of law), gave evidence before the House of Commons Justice Committee.

How Snowden, surveillance and Scotland are nudging the UK towards deep constitutional reform

As Britain approaches the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, and an election year, A new Magna Carta? tests the arguments for and against a written constitution.

A new Magna Carta?

Do we need to enact a new Magna Carta?

"Handing patients NHS cash" is just rebranding cuts

Yesterday's announcement that millions of patients would be given individual pots of NHS funding is just a rebranded voucher system - and rebranded cuts.

One Man, Two Guvnors: the conflict at the heart of British justice

Yesterday Chris Grayling, who is both Minister of State for Justice (dismantling the legal aid system) and Lord Chancellor (sworn to uphold the rule of law), gave evidence before the House of Commons Justice Committee.

Scottish nationalism or British nationalism? (40 reasons to support Scottish independence: 38)

For all the problems with Scottish nationalism, is it as bad as British nationalism?

What do we do we do about the United Kingdom? And why federalism isn’t the answer

Federalism may sound like a nice idea, but it isn't the answer.

Today MPs vote to end slavery - tomorrow they vote to continue it

One consequence of proposed cuts to legal aid is that children trying to prove they have been trafficked will be denied legal assistance.

Why international interdependence has reduced the costs of secession

As countries collaborate more and more, there is less and less need to band together in big national units.

Why stay in a club you wouldn't join? (40 reasons to support Scottish independence, 37)

The risks and downsides of remaining within the union are examined far less than the potential problems of independence. To be rational, we must look at both future paths with equal caution.

It's not for themselves that they are striking

The vast strike in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on July 10 is a response to an attack on the British workforce as a whole, and we should all show our support.

Guilty of choosing the wrong friends: the relentless injustice of 'joint enterprise'

Powers intended to tackle gang-related violence are ruining the lives of young people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time

Cameron is wrecking our world-beating health system

A Commonwealth Fund survey found the UK health system topped the poll on just about every criteria - so why are the Tories wrecking it?

May the pamphleteers return!

Laws which ban leafleting in city centres are destroying performance arts and an age old British tradition.

Privatisation leads to top down services. Public control should mean the public have a say.

A new paper from the New Economics Foundation argues that public services should be taken back into public control - and the public should be given a real say.

A blow to the British class system; look who is on each side (40 reasons to support Scottish independence, 35 & 36)

The British class system is built around Britain, and the most marginalised seem largely to support a yes vote: reasons 35 and 36 of 40 to support Scottish independence.

Is the government's current growth strategy unsustainable?

Logo-There is an alternativeDelve into the data and you soon find that the British economy is not in a healthy state at all...

A Scotland beyond yes and no: my journey to yes

Ultimately, independence is about democracy, taking responsibility, and looking forwards, but that doesn't mean we should pretend it's simple.

Risk in the British economy

Logo-There is an alternativeAssess the assets and liabilities in Britain's economy, and you find a country deeply exposed to systemic risk.

Cameron's Juncker blunder

Cameron's mess in Europe is the latest in a string of blunders from a failed Prime Minister.

In search of the Scottish summer

The debate and the weather in Scotland are starting to heat up...

Time to elect the Prime Minister?

A new parliamentary report proposes the direct election of the Prime Minister and a clarification of his or her powers in statute. The Chair of the Committee that produced the report explains why.

Coroner: prisoner got ‘sub-optimal care’ at G4S Oakwood Prison

  • • For almost an hour after Steve Ham was found unresponsive, G4S guards failed to call an ambulance
  • • Panic, inexperience, understaffing and lack of transparency exposed at UK's flagship private prison
  • • “An excellent model for the future of the Prison Service,” said justice minister Chris Grayling when Oakwood opened

Academies and the neoliberal project: the lessons and costs of the conveyor belt

Having studied one of Britain's flagship academies it seems that their good results may come at a high social cost - something the media talks far less about.

The creep of militarism into our civil institutions

A new wave of militarism seeks to embed military values throughout society to shore up the public's growing hostility to Britain's armed thuggery around the world.

Dalrymple verdict: NEGLECT contributed to death of American tourist in UK immigration jail

• Home Office contractors agree “significant” financial settlement
• 77 year old locum doctor did not know detention centre rules
  • • Brian Dalrymple, a 35 year old American tourist, died of natural causes; neglect was a contributing factor
  • • Mother pays tribute to warm and loving man”
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