A turning point in the National Union of Students?

NUS conference has backed free education after many years of opposing it. Is a change in the air?

Book review - The Blunders of our Governments

Modern governments of all stripes screw up too often.  A new study of their blunders suggests that ‘strong government’, traditionally the great strength of the governing system, is to blame.  Let’s hear it for deliberative democracy.

One life in investigative journalism

A Q&A with Clare Sambrook, OurKingdom co-editor and co-founder of the ‘End Child Detention Now’ campaign. Interviewer: Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi, writer-in-residence at Lacuna.

Why I'll move to Scotland after I graduate if it votes yes

One Durham University student explains why he'll be moving north if it's a yes vote in Scotland.

The politics of 'regeneration' in Euston

It is absurd to replace inadequate housing for the poor with adequate housing for the poor - let's not repeat the mistakes of the past. Shiny regeneration will shift them out to somewhere they can afford and provide great opportunities for property speculation to boot. This is London, after all.

Keeping alive the spirit of Greenham Common

As Britain commemorates the First World War a writer seeks out and listens to some of the women who created Britain's most compelling peace movement.

The many legislatures under Westminster's wing

There are around 18 legislatures responsible to Westminster, spread across the world and with a whole plethora of constitutional arrangements.

Book review: A Quiet Word

This book shines a bright light on the murky dealings surrounding politics, PR, big business and journalism, but the real issue it uncovers may not be lobbying but rather the dire state of our democracy.

Free event: After the Party? The future of and beyond the mass party

In collaboration with OurKingdom, the Centre for the Study of British Politics and Public Life at Birkbeck are hosting a free debate on April 24 about the future of mass party politics - is radical reform needed, or will we move beyond parties completely?

Man loses job. What next? (He's G4S's Nick Buckles, by the way)

What happens after a government outsourcer fails shareholders and the public, and the boss loses his job? Nick Buckles gets £1,200,000 — and a pension of more than £400,000 a year.

Woman stands naked on airport runway, takes overdose

Britain deports mentally ill asylum seekers in leg restraints and paper suits. A new report by the prisons inspector sheds light on an ugly business.

UKIP is closer to the left than many think

UKIP is a work in progress. Its membership is among the most receptive to policies which many see as left wing, and its structure will almost inevitably encourage policy initiatives which reflect this. A new book, ‘Revolt on the right, has started the process of making this understood.

Muslims in prison: over-representation and under-reformation

Much more work needs to be done in understanding and interpreting the high rates of Muslim incarceration and re-offending in Britain as the picture is more complex than some suggest.

Richard Hoggart: cultural critic and educationalist, 24 September 1918 - 10 April 2014

Richard Hoggart, one of Britain's leading cultural commentators and public intellectuals, has died aged 95.

Why we should all be alarmed about our new university 'businesses' and their enforcers

As has become clear, the universities are colluding with police and even the unions to clamp down on student protest and workers' demands. There is a common strand that links these elements, and the overall picture is deeply alarming.

Sceptical Scotland needs to be listened to and respected

We need to respect the real concerns of the different peoples of Scotland.

Scotland - towards a new foreign policy

The former Labour leader in Scotland and former NATO Secretary General says independence would be good for 'the forces of darkness'. This reveals how trapped he is in a hawkish, pro-war world view.

Understand the left case for independence before you dismiss it

The authors of "Yes - the radical case for Scottish independence" respond to Robert Lamb's criticism of left independence supporters.

"a good global citizen": Alex Salmond's speech on Scotland's role in the world

Alex Salmond gave a speech this week at the opening of Glasgow Caledonian University's new campus in New York. He spoke of the role he wishes an independent Scotland to play in the world.

'We all bring something to the table' Young migrants in the UK

At an event in London, young migrants explored the interweaving narratives of Britain and their own lives.

What is slavery?

The UK Modern Slavery Bill is based on an outdated definition of slavery.

How to use housing to hurt people: Britain's hostile environment for asylum seekers

The hidden injuries of asylum housing — inflicted by G4S.

We need to talk about solidarity

It's time for a fresh debate about solidarity.

Appeal: donate to Scotland's conversation with the world

Today we launch an appeal to fund our Scottish referendum series – because the indendence debate needs independent journalism.

Scottish independence and the ‘democratic’ left

It's not democratic to draw a line round those who agree with you more and declare independence, it's cowardly.

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