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International Gender Justice Dialogue Conference banner

From April 19 to 21 2010, women's rights advocates, gender experts, legal practitioners and others speak up - and speak out - for gender justice at the International Gender Justice Dialogue in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The convention is being hosted by Women's Initiatives for Gender Justice and the Nobel Women's Initiative. openDemocracy's coverage starts here.

Within the hell of war lies a private hell

It is easy to think of impunity as a sin of omission. The hand not raised in protest appears genteel alongside the hand stained with the blood of the victim. Yet we learned from the testimonies of women on the frontlines of battle for gender justice that impunity not only perpetuates crimes against women, it teaches generation after generation how to continue the practice.

SCR 1325: just words on a piece of paper

"SCR 1325 is a tool, and the utility of a tool depends on how it is perceived and how activists employ it. So we have this resolution. Great; so what? Tell me how we can get people fired up on the ground." Peace laureate Jody Williams talks to Lyric Thompson.

Implementing SCR 1325: lessons from Israel

The attempt to implement Security Council Resolution 1325 after the failure of the Oslo Peace Process revealed a paralysed women's movement in Israel. Is it time for feminist resistance rather than arguing for women's participation in peace processes?

Searching for gender justice

How and when will the Rome Statute and Security Council Resolution 1325 actually contribute to the delivery of justice to a critical mass of the world’s women?

Cry out - eventually the world will cry out with you

"It is not what the mind knows, it is what the heart knows that changes the world". Listen to Joan Chittister give the keynote address at the International Gender Justice Dialogue conference

Welcome to the International Gender Justice Dialogue

On the first day of the conference Brigid Inder, executive director of Women's Initiatives for Gender Justice introduced the themes and purpose of the gathering.

Gender justice and the ICC: turning a miracle into reality

Ahead of the first global review meeting of the Rome Statue and International Criminal Court, women from around the world are meeting in Mexico next week to develop a clear global agenda for advancing gender justice through advocacy and engagement with the International Criminal Court.

This is my witness

The human voice has a way of piercing through you. Emily Stokes listened to the testimony of the women of Burma.

Burma may save its tigers and not its women

Cora Weiss reports on the International Tribunal on Crimes against Women of Burma - an overwhelming day of stories told by remarkable women of all ages of inhumanity leaving the listeners wondering how the women could have survived.

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