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Changing lives in the West Bank villages

The increasing economic poverty in villages outside Ramallah in the West Bank is leading to unexpected changes in gender roles and is challenging the tradition of early marriage. Jane Gabriel has been listening to those involved in making changes on the ground.

Laureate Mairead Maguire: building 'deep democracy'

Laureate Mairead Maguire spoke to Jane Gabriel about a new politic she sees arising: one in which ‘deep democracy’ is built by people, one to one, and demanding that the money be taken out of militarism.

To know that we are not alone

Every woman at the NWI gathering in Antigua had a way of redefining democracy - from writing the new Ecuadorian constitution to include the rights of nature, to fighting for a place at the negotiating table of the peace talks in Sudan. Jane Gabriel listened to three days of stories,debate and plans for the future.

Laureate Jody Williams: telling it like it is

Jody Williams speaks frankly to Jane Gabriel about the impact that being a Nobel Peace Laureate has on her life - both personally and politically.

It all began on March 8th: feminism and fatwas......

Moroccan women won profound changes in their status when the Family law was reformed.

Karama: Uniting to be each other's voice

After three years of constant debate, the Karama movement is finding a common language with which to speak, and a ‘voice' on international platforms. Jane Gabriel spoke to Hibaaq Osman, Karama's founder. Listen now.

We Moroccan women: we are not impatient, we know that it will come

Podcast: The reform of the Moroccan Family Code (Mudawana) in 2004 was a watershed in the campaign for women’s rights. The change ushered in a new era in which it was possible to talk openly about such issues as violence against women. But five years on the levels of violence remains unchanged and the Women’s Action Union is now mobilising public opinion in the battle to win more protection for women. In Casablanca recently more than fifteen thousand signatures were collected in a day calling on the city council to build shelters for women and children fleeing family and domestic violence. 

Stepping up: young Muslim women in Britain

From reforming mosques to challenging perceptions of their communities, young Muslim women in Britain are stepping up to make their voices heard. Siobhan O' Connell went to meet them. Listen Now.

Syrian Women's Rights: "the fight does not stop here"

Syrian Women's Rights: "The fight does not stop here, this is not the end of the story".

Also read: Bassam AlKadi - one man's fight to end 'honour killings'.

Breaking the Cycle of Violence: finding a place of peace

Breaking the Cycle of Violence: finding a place of peace. Women in Birmingham who have escaped violence at home talk to Siobhan O'Connell.

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