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U.S. Presidential Debates

US Presidential debate: America’s national insecurity

What would a real national security look like? This debate on foreign policy never really took place last night. For starters, we would protect human rights and civil liberties, here and abroad. The gradual evisceration of our civil liberties makes America less safe, not more secure, says Ruth Rosen

President Obama: “It’s not true.”

The real surprise was that President Obama explained why so-called "women's issues" are everyone's issues - college students, health care, medicare, social security and equal pay for women and men. He reminded people that women are more than the sum of their reproductive organs; they are workers and family members

Women are the key to the presidential debate and election

In round two of the presidential debates, Biden might have done a better job than Obama of exposing the salesmanship of the Romney-Ryan campaign, but he did little to regain lost ground with respect to women voters.

US Presidential debate: who cares most about ordinary Americans?

At stake, are two visions of the so-called American Dream.  One emphasizes government and people helping each other, and the other insists that individuals are on their own. Ruth Rosen reports on last night's US Presidential debate

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