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I'm a trans teenager in Northern Ireland, where bigotry is taught at school


While LGBTQ+ rights groups are deemed “inappropriate” for educational environments, abusive and anti-choice activists are currently welcomed with open arms. - free thinking for the world
Classroom in Northern Ireland. Photo: Vincent Li/Flickr. Creative Commons (CC by 2.0). Some rights reserved.

The invisible #MeToo: how anonymous testimony can help survivors of sexual abuse

EMMA HYNDMAN - free thinking for the world

A college campus project showed me how anonymity can give survivors critical freedom to tell their truth, free from judgement or interruption.

Sexual harassment at work: Italy misses out on Weinstein-inspired moment of reckoning

CLAUDIA TORRISI - free thinking for the world

Instead of opening a conversation about workplace sexual harassment, Italy has shamed those who come forward.

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