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Rome’s occupied domestic violence shelter under threat


Lucha y Siesta is a unique occupation in Italy’s capital: it is one of Rome’s few domestic violence shelters. Now, it is under threat because the building’s owner wants to sell it. - free thinking for the world
An image of Lucha y Siesta on the centre's Facebook page. Photo: lucha.ysiesta/Facebook.

The UN secretary general isn’t yet what feminists were looking for

LYRIC THOMPSON and SARAH GAMMAGE and SPOGMAY AHMED - free thinking for the world

António Guterres showed leadership on gender equality, but his first year in office fell short of our hopes for transformative change.

The story of a feminist victory against fundamentalists and gender segregation in UK schools

PRAGNA PATEL - free thinking for the world

In 2017 the Court of Appeal ruled that gender segregation in schools is indeed discriminatory. This landmark judgement has potentially far-reaching consequences for minority women and girls.

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Walk, walk, walk your talk

Putting human rights at the centre of the response to HIV and AIDS is the only way to truly tackle the pandemic, and satisfy the riot of demands made in today's march at the AIDS 2010 Conference in Vienna.

A microbicide success: feminism is essential to good science

Advocates for women pushed for microbicides when scientists working on AIDS vaccines and treatment had not even envisioned the problem of “methods women can use.” The announcement of the first microbicide ever shown to prevent HIV in women is the product of feminist visions

Medication, prevention and me

"For those of us who are in stable relationships with an HIV-negative partner – or seeking one – this was total music to our ears". Alice Welbourn reports from the International AIDS 2010 conference in Vienna

London: the price of UK immigration policy

Restricting the ability of irregular migrants in London to make a living in the hope that they will proceed to leave, doesn't work. It increases their exclusion in an already a very unequal city and misses the opportunity to take advantage of a great resource for the capital

The power in telling stories

Nonviolence is a value, a tool, and a force which ordinary people can and do use daily. The undocumented nature of much nonviolent action perpetrates the myth that it is ineffectual: it is our duty to tell the stories.

Europe's Muslims: burqa laws, women's lives

Several European states - France, Italy, Belgium and Britain among them - are involved in legal, social or political disputes over the dress-codes of Muslim women. A detailed and alert survey of the variegated experiences and attitudes involved is the best way to understand a complex issue, says Sara Silvestri.

"More than just a pound of flesh"?

It is time to move beyond the 'objective' evidence base to rights and justice for women with HIV. Will the International AIDS Conference in Vienna next week make a difference?

HIV: nothing about us, without us

I am almost at peace with HIV. I am used to my reality. The “why me” days are over. The timing is never right, as transmission is never intended. It's been ten years and now, for the first time, I will attend this conference as an openly positive woman...

Where power resides, the epidemic recedes

When I entered the meeting room I was welcomed by smiles and greetings in different languages. A dark woman with oriental eyes, from Kazakhstan, two statuesque blondes in vertiginous heels from St Petersburg.....

From Barcelona to Vienna: the delegates who do not know we exist

The city becomes a giant hotel, hundreds of activities happen simultaneously, thousands of people talk HIV, millions of euros are spent - and then, suddenly, everything vanishes again as if the conference had never happened

Why I don't test for HIV

The International AIDS Conference is not only about medical science, it is also about prevention. If prevention dares to overcome stigma and fear, I might overcome mine....

Romania: living with HIV

Unscreened blood transfusions, institutionalization - and now the economic crisis, mean that those who survived contracting HIV as children face immense problems accessing treatment today

The only positive woman in Vienna

Women with HIV are part of the solution, not part of the problem in tackling this pandemic

African women with HIV in Europe: from isolation to involvement

African women living in the UK still have to deal with a number of harmful cultural practices. Many of these women also have to battle continually with some of the conflicting messages and teachings around HIV and religion. Small wonder that for many women, dealing with their own HIV often takes a back seat

How do you spend your time as an old age pensioner ?

I work as a glorified concierge, answering questions as to where and when the test can be done, I encourage those who might not be brave enough to get this test, I hand out condoms...

Saving Sakineh

This is a tragedy that belongs to modern powerplay and the current moment, and that calls for a much more thoughtful response from outside observers

Spirit, hope, money and a dose of patriarchy

A growing movement of African Christians are making waves at home and abroad with their ultra conservative interpretations of scripture. Far from a naïve embrace of conventional norms or a faithful embrace of scripture, these interpretations are emerging as clear political choices and are undermining women's rights struggles across the African continent

Migration: playing the numbers game

The British coalition government wants to halve net migration into Britain. Not only is there no economic or social justification for introducing a cap, there is also probably no need

The Tea Party and the new right-wing Christian feminism

Why have American women become so active in the right wing Tea Party movement? Could it be that they are drawn to the new conservative Christian feminism publicized by Sarah Palin? Without its grassroots female supporters, the Tea Party would have far less appeal to voters who are frightened by economic insecurity, threats to moral purity and the gradual disappearance of a national white Christian culture.

Politics vs Delivery: the G8’s maternal health agenda

G20 countries are asking why rich nations should continue to direct the form and substance of development programmes when many health innovations now originate in the developing world.

It's up to You - the economics of openDemocracy

Yes, great, independent content costs and if the readers don't pay for it who will? Why you should want openDemocracy to be supported by voluntary reader donations and give if you can

A platform for humanity - The UK's Bath experiment

Positive peace is more than the absence of war. Groups campaigning to advance the causes that are vital to building it would find greater synergy if they recognised their interdependence. A local experiment confirms this.

Toward a new Alexandria

The guardians of learning can no longer allow the Library to be surrounded with barbed-wire fences. It is time for the academe to liberate scholarship

All eyes on Neda

What do the deaths of protesters tell us about them, their governments, and ourselves?

Dangerous liaisons

We cannot afford the direct or indirect legitimisation of extremist religious forces especially by organisations claiming the progressive mantle. The slippage is constant and must be guarded against

Optimism, pessimism and rationality

In a review essay of Matt Ridley's "The rational optimist" and Mark Boyle's "The moneyless man", scavenger and squatter Katharine Hibbert sympathises with alternative living but also wants clear thinking

50.50 – equal but different: a reply to Ruth Rosen

Something challenging and refreshing has begun to emerge in some serious publications. Women are claiming an equal right to exploration and debate, and helping to redefine the 'mainstream', but through gender difference, not through submerging

"They don't speak English": language, migration and cohesion

Transforming the mechanisms and means to enable an acquisition of English is urgently required. Language is the life blood of everyone and should not be relegated to the sidelines

Different pasts, shared future

Note to self: Make sure you know the meaning of the past before you set about cleaning the windows of the future! Jane Esuantsiwa Goldsmith blogs her experiences during Refugee Week

Feminist revolution: population, migration and consumption

The poor women of the world are defusing the population time-bomb themselves so let’s stop talking about overpopulation and migration. It's time to complete the feminist revolution

Women at the Public Service Broadcasting Forum

Lis Howell reflects on gender balance at the recent Public Service Broadcasting Forum

NPT: challenging the nuclear powers' fiefdom

The NPT Review provided a bridge between the partial non-proliferation approach of the NPT and the comprehensive abolition objectives of a nuclear weapons convention. It will no longer be possible for governments to dismiss calls for a comprehensive nuclear abolition treaty

Migration: development on the move

Migration is an unstoppable fact of life in the 21st century and should be based on a sound understanding of migrants’ motivations and real life experiences.

Turkmenbashi is dead! Long live Turkmenbashi?

A recently published book about President Berdymukhamedov of Turkmenistan confirms that the cult of personality is alive and well in the republic. After 15 years of independence Maria Yanovskaya could be forgiven for being surprised at the book’s excessively rapturous tone… but she is not.
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