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Migrant farmworkers protest in New York City against sexual violence


Protesters march on Thursday to demand fast food giant Wendy’s sign up to scheme to tackle exploitation and improve wages in supply chains. - free thinking for the world
Farmworkers fast in New York City. Photo: Noffar Gat/ All rights reserved.

Video: Feminist activists speak out against corporate impunity

VALERIE BAH - free thinking for the world

Human rights abuses. Plundered resources. This is why corporations must be held accountable for their impacts around the world.

Gender equality cannot be achieved without tax reform for multinational companies

MAGDALENA SEPúLVEDA - free thinking for the world

We can't achieve gender equality, or ensure women’s rights, without progressive tax policies.

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SCR 1325: just words on a piece of paper

"SCR 1325 is a tool, and the utility of a tool depends on how it is perceived and how activists employ it. So we have this resolution. Great; so what? Tell me how we can get people fired up on the ground." Peace laureate Jody Williams talks to Lyric Thompson.

International donors must fund female-controlled HIV prevention gel

A potential breakthrough in HIV prevention is being stifled by a lack of funding. Chi Mgbako outlines the necessity of putting safeguards against HIV transmission into female hands.

Gender, knowledge and change: questions and answers

When social change movements of all kinds are under attack, progressives need to build coalitions and to talk to one another as never before. Feminist models and methodologies can enrich every social change movement

NATO: fiddling with nuclear bombs while the planet burns

Next month NATO members meet in Lisbon to agree on a new Strategic Concept. Rebecca Johnson argues that if we treated nuclear weapons as the previous century’s problem to be disposed of, instead of fetishizing them as instruments of high strategic value, we would stand a far better chance of maintaining global security

On equal terms, please

‘American policy makers should understand religion better and engage with religious communities abroad’ argues the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Zainal Abidin Bagir responds to the report's co-author R. Scott Appleby.

The forgotten state

How European powers and the UN undermine the struggle of Africa’s last non-self governing territory for independence.

'Know-How', 'Know-What' and the politics of knowledge for social change

In an age when wealth and power present a more diffuse and benign face to the world, the soft authority of knowledge is ever more important as a force for social change. The politics of knowledge – how ideas are created, used and disseminated – represents a key issue for the social change community

The EU’s human rights policy in Russia: more than rhetoric?

Are the EU’s attempts to promote human rights in Russia capable of going beyond mere rhetoric, asks Eleanor Bindman? Or does the EU’s policy simply pay lip-service to its stated human rights ideals while allowing the Union to pursue other policy objectives which it sees as more important? Part 1

The politics of peace: SCR 1325 at 10

As the 10th anniversary of SCR 1325 approaches and the debates heat up, it is with dual and conflicting senses of deep frustration with the past and tentative optimism for the future. Lyric Thompson reports.

UN SCR 1325: the 50.50 debate

In 2000 UN Security Council Resolution 1325 gave women decision-making power in preventing conflict and building peace. As the 10th anniversary of 1325 approaches read recent openDemocracy articles examining the role of women in working for peace.

Thoughts on the Jewish boat to Gaza

Lynne Segal comments on the significance of an all-Jewish aid boat to Gaza that has been intercepted by the Israeli navy today and receives a message of hope from inside Gaza.

Of fundamentalisms, secular and otherwise

Engaging religious communities is a way forward for promoting democracy, human rights, and religious freedom around the world. “Failure to engage" will leave secular fundamentalists, along with the rest of us, on the outside looking in

Chechnya: choked by headscarves

In Chechnya there is official support for attacks on women when they are considered to have ‘flouted’ Islamic rules by not wearing a headscarf or covering up enough. Tanya Lokshina listened to some of the women’s despairing accounts.

Our weird and wanton wars

Why do we always seem to be at war? Is it because our physical and psychological distance from the carnage helps to sustain our self-belief as a peaceful people?

The Left and the Big Society V: Tessa Jowell

How will the left respond to the clear challenge of the Conservatives' Big Society project? Tessa Jowell MP, former Minister for Culture, Media and Sport, gives her view.

The Labour leadership candidates on the future of Britain: Diane Abbott

The final week of voting is under way in the Labour leadership election with the new leader set to be announced in Manchester on Saturday. Whoever is chosen as leader will be expected to set out their approach on political reform. In order to inform the debate, OurKingdom has asked each of the candidates for their views on five key questions. First is Diane Abbott.

Fundamentalist strategy: the secular and the religious

In Latin America a close network of religious leaders from different traditions, political elites and civil organizations has formed to protect the traditional sexual order. Women's bodies continue to be a key battleground

Germany goes global: farewell, Europe

The great engine both of Europe’s economic strength and its political unity is falling out of love with its creation. The challenge to the continent is profound, says Ulrike Guérot.

Could diversity be making us more civil?

A walk in one of the poorest and most diverse areas in Britain reveals that contrary to popular belief, it seems that extremisms flourish in homogenous areas. So what explains social resilience in the face of great diversity?

School wars: France vs England

A flurry of reports that castigates the French school system also highlights the deficiencies of Anglocentric perception, says Anne Corbett.

Oryol: when the ‘new nobility’ turned terrorist

The sleepy city of Oryol has erupted in terrorism. Investigations revealed how frustration at the state of Russia led security officers — the new nobility as their former boss calls them — to join the Oryol Partisans. Is this a one off or part of a wider movement?

How can we build an effective global peace movement?

If we are to present a credible challenge to the system of interlocking interests that combine to entrench militarism, our movement needs to be able to engage with that complexity. Celia McKeon, Judith Eversley and Steve Whiting join the conversation.

Moving beyond the Millennium Development Goals: A more honest conversation?

It is critically important that the heads of state attending the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Summit consider the best way to support the complex and difficult process of making sustainable human progress in poorer countries. Those working within the development sector who know that the current paradigm is inadequate must take the initiative within their sphere of influence to create a kind of movement for change together that is both principled and politically expedient

Sex, secularism, and religious influence in U.S. politics

To promote gender equality, feminist alliance politics in the U.S. needs to challenge Protestant hegemony in both its religious and secular guises, while recognizing religious diversity both among and within religious traditions. Anti-trafficking policies illustrate the effects of the current neoliberal/conservative consensus

Building a global peace movement

How can we build a strong and effective global peace movement?’ Cynthia Cockburn, Howard Clark and Dave Webb reply to Diana Francis

Jordan’s uranium and Israel’s fears

At a time when other regional ties with Israel are facing setbacks, US and Israeli moves to prevent Jordan from enriching its own uranium may be misguided when Jordan can play positive role in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process

Brethren in power

The direct involvement of African Christians in battles over social policy in the USA is mirrored by the involvement of the American Christian Right in Africa, as they collaborate to oppose progressive forces in civil society and shape government policy

Migration: wrong policy, right outcome

Imposing a cap on immigration is not the way to reduce the number of migrants: it is neither sensible nor necessary

On a clear day you can see Dover

The play “On a clear day you can see Dover" gives the concept of live theatre new meaning. Not only do the moving and often horrific testimonies of asylum seekers have impact in their own right; as their stories continue to unfold, acts of compassion and solidarity become part of the story

We hear the thunder but we see no rain

Whilst the dollars roll big-time for medical male circumcision, we are forever at the wrong end of a deeply entrenched uneven male playing field of traditions when it comes to gender, HIV - and funding

A focus on sex workers

The attitude that we can ' rescue' sex workers has led to provisions in anti-trafficking and anti-prostitution laws which limit the ability of sex workers to access life-saving care and address the HIV epidemic

US foreign policy and unsafe abortion in Africa

United States foreign policy abortion restrictions have seriously limited African NGOs’ efforts to reduce deaths associated with unsafe abortion procedures. A permanent ban of the Global Gag Rule would allow US foreign aid recipients in Africa to invest resources in safe abortion care without fearing a potential change in US foreign policy with each new administration

Khushboo: from Bollywood to politics

Now expected to enter politics, the Indian actress Khushboo and her tumultuous career exemplifies the challenges facing Indian women on and off the political and theatrical stage.

Sitting in judgement: for men only?

As the move to appoint women judges in Muslim countries gathers pace, how far is this a guarantee of access to justice for women, especially in family law cases?

You say you want a revolution....

In July an OurKingdom exchange prefigured the current protest of young people across Britain: "There can be no question that the conditions are right for a youth movement.... The young people of Britain are suffering brutal, insulting socio-economic oppression. A radical youth movement requires direct action...". "I believe we should be allying ourselves with all those who feel oppression, not just those of a similar demographic....". "I’m quite serious in calling for revolutionary sentiment. We need to understand how badly we have been let down by the system, because one day we are going to be in charge of that system."
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