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The everyday power of movement activism

Activism is normal; what’s strange is that we don’t see it that way. - free thinking for the world

The everyday power of movement activism

Activism is normal; what’s strange is that we don’t see it that way. - free thinking for the world

This week’s front page editor

What went wrong in eastern Europe?

A new book sheds light on the early warning signs of illiberalism – and gives hope for the future. 

Why some cities are ‘rebel cities’ – interview with Yaz Brien about Bristol’s resistance scene

“It’s a movement that shuts shit down but it really isn’t hypermasculine. And I think, in many ways, that is a factor in its sustainability.”

One building, several facades: political showcasing in contemporary Turkey

An iconic building is erased, together with the successive faces it has worn as Turkey hurtled from secular modernity via Gezi Park, to the latest experiment in religious nationalism.

Imran thanks Modi, and eyes joint Nobel Peace Prize

“India led by you would never think of undoing the Partition. Your party depends on Pakistan for its existence.” A secret letter accessed by the author.

A new caravan from Honduras heads for the American Dream

It remains to be seen if Mexico will allow this new caravan to pass safely through their country as they did last April, and what the United States will do to their children when they get there. Español

Otra caravana de hondureños hacia el sueño americano

Queda por verse si México permitirá que esta nueva caravana de migrantes atraviese su territorio de manera segura, y qué harán los EE.UU. con todos sus niños cuando lleguen allá. English

More and more Swedes reading misleading anti-immigrant news sites

Nativist, Islamophobic websites are flourishing in Sweden as politics takes a hard right.

#Elenão and #Elassim as the vital struggle against the fascism in Brazil

Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro frequently expresses contempt towards women, and his candidacy embodies the patriarchal society that we live in. Español, Português 

The everyday power of movement activism

Activism is normal; what’s strange is that we don’t see it that way.

PEGIDA turns 4 – will AfD be among the well-wishers?

Some have spoken out against a rapprochement between the AfD and PEGIDA. The AfD leader in Saxony insists: 'The AfD is the political arm of all non-violent, liberal-democratic citizen movements.'

Brexit is taking our food policy in the wrong direction

One of the key roles of government is protecting us from ill effects of food that can take years to appear. But Brexit could undermine that.

Entrepreneurs of political violence: the varied interests and strategies of the far-right in Ukraine

For Ukraine's far right, violence has become a source of influence and power. 

In Russia’s North Caucasus, an unprecedented, peaceful protest

In Ingushetia, people have come out to protest land transfer to neighbouring Chechya. For now, the Kremlin is listening. 

Call for contributions: Towards a better future for precarious workers?

The Future of Work Round Table isn't complete without your input. We warmly invite you to join in the discussion.

Our democracy isn’t working – it’s time to fight for it

Corporate power has captured the centralised state – but Labour’s commitment to a Constitutional Convention offers root and branch reform, writes Jon Trickett.

Migrants and refugees in the Americas: a solidarity crisis

In Latin America, the crisis is evident in the reluctance by many states to implement inclusive refugee international standards and in restrictive migratory policies. Español

Why are we mostly ignoring the climate crisis? The message is wrong

Decades of doom-mongering haven’t stopped global warming. We need to make this a story about people, not numbers.

Catalonia: two half-truths don't make one truth

Journalists and opinion-makers have a responsibility to inform and explain, not to divide and contribute to the escalation of conflict.

Corruption corrodes Kurdish education

Quality education from the outset can eradicate corruption, guarantee peaceful coexistence, and bring about social and economic justice.

Anti-progressivism: a ghost that haunts Latin America

Anti-progressivism is not restricted to Brazil. It is expanding throughout the region and putting at risk the democratic advances of the last decades. Español

State violence and the illusions of modernity in Egypt

The constant state of denial that is a feature of the urban middle class and the regime is a necessity to maintain a deeply paradoxical ideological construct.

We, the industrialized ones, and the International Rights of Nature

In 2008, Ecuador incorporated the Right of Nature in its constitution. Ten years later, an international symposium on the Rights of Nature has just been held in Quito. Español

The latter day critics of Noam Chomsky

Has the evil US military corporate complex appropriated Chomsky, the man and his linguistics, without Chomsky in the know? Nothing is impossible, as Chomsky says, but many things are unlikely.

Race, porn, and education: will the UK’s 2020 sex education update rise to the challenge?

The state must abandon all prudery in the interest of rectifying the time-lag leaving a whole generation of young people open to the unfettered excesses of the porn industry.

The appeal of populist nationalism in the age of accelerated change

What drives support for the populist, radical right and what do the actors offer their voters?  The endangered nation is a key trope.

We have the answers to Brexit’s causes

British voters were right to demand radical change – those in power owe them action to rebalance our unequal society.