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Urgent: expose the Brexit dark money

openDemocracy has worked for two years exposing the dark money driving Brexit. We have many more leads to chase down. Please give what you can today – it makes a difference.

Urgent: expose the Brexit dark money

openDemocracy has worked for two years exposing the dark money driving Brexit. We have many more leads to chase down. Please give what you can today – it makes a difference.

This week’s front page editor

Thomas Rowley

Thomas Rowley is editor of oDR.

A tale of two events, and two cultures

The Science Congress and Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF), held in India every January, are the largest events of their kind in the world. This year a curious kind of osmosis took place.

Steve Martin: Changing your ways is easier than changing your mind

The author of international bestseller 'Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Persuasive' joins us to answer the question he dreaded – what had he changed his mind on?

The emperor’s new wall

President Donald Trump will continue trying to fund his border wall. If he succeeds, the human cost will make the final price tag much higher than $5.7 billion.

Britain's defence: a retro fantasy

The government plans a quasi-imperial post-Brexit lurch. It's time to plot a new course.

Radio Hakaya Podcast, episode 2: Abu Mohammed - from revolution to war

Episode 2 of a podcast series about the socio-political climate faced by Syrians and their host communities through their own eyes as the pressure rises for refugees to return to Syria.

A European take on Warsaw’s anti-Iran show

Analysis of US diplomacy and discourse after May 2018 suggests that the administration has revived its 1979 Iran-pathology with a vengeance.

There’s a backlash against sex education in ‘Feminist Canada’

Canada appears progressive on the world stage. But under pressure from the Christian right, Ontario’s premier scrapped modern sex education.

Was Symon Petliura “an antisemite who massacred Jews during a time of war”?

100 years on from one of the bloodiest pogroms during the Russian civil war, a leading figure in Ukraine continues to provoke controversy.

When rescue is capture: kidnapping and dividing migrants in the Mediterranean

EU member states are holding migrants hostage while playing pass the parcel with their fates. It's a strategy that is as cruel as it is deliberate.

Love beyond borders

How will the hardening of immigration policies affect the radical potential of romance?

The left has quietly won the debate about EU regulation. Now we must do the same for migration

Since the EU referendum the left has successfuly shifted the terms of the debate on regulation. Now we must have the courage to defend freedom of movement against the anti-immigration politics of Brexit.

Young disabled people in Kyrgyzstan find new goals and opportunities

More than 5,000 people with vision impairment live in Kyrgyzstan. I speak to Matluba Hakimova about independence, assistance and citizenship. 

First they came for the ‘bad hombres’ … but the North Carolina sheriffs are speaking out

As NC immigrant arrests climb to 230 ICE announces the “New Normal” declaring how, where and why the people considered immigration violators will be arrested.

‘Religious freedom’ claims used to defend FGM in courts in four countries

Cases come as rights advocates warn such arguments are increasingly being ‘weaponised’ against women’s and LGBT equality.

Is there a route to an English Parliament?

Could the current limited and muted support for an English Parliament could become a pressing demand? (An edited version of a talk given at the seminar ‘Routes to an English Parliament’ on 11th January 2019 at University of Winchester.)

How neoliberalism is normalising hostility

From working conditions to welfare policies, from immigration to the internet – this zero sum game of winners and losers benefits only the far right.

“Alle Shalle Be Wele:” Julian of Norwich and the process of transformation

What might a medieval recluse say to postmodern activists?

A missed opportunity to confront the access to justice crisis

This week, the UK's Ministry of Justice published its review into the legal aid cuts. For the many people now unable to access justice, it doesn't go far enough.

I’m not sure Ivanka knows what “empower” means

The first daughter once again positions herself as a champion for working women – but only certain women.

Venezuela and the zugzwang

Venezuela is facing what is known in chess as a zugzwang: having to make a move while knowing full well that all the moves you can make are no good. Español.

The quiet coup that could devastate human rights in Guatemala

President Jimmy Morales and his allies in business, politics and the military are racing to break the rule of law and consolidate power. Español

Trump’s lies, immigrant raids and the right to identity

In this State of the Union address, Trump said, “Year after year, countless Americans are murdered by criminal illegal aliens”. Simultaneously, North Carolina witnessed a number of merciless immigrant raids. Español.

Alleged army rapes amidst Zimbabwe fuel hike protests go uninvestigated

When Zimbabweans took to the streets in January, women were met with sexual violence by security forces. Many are scared to report abuses.

CGI crime scene reconstruction opens new leads in Kurdish activist killing

Investigation into Tahir Elçi’s shooting by Goldsmiths research group Forensic Architecture sheds new light on stalled case.