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Urgent: expose the Brexit dark money

openDemocracy has worked for two years exposing the dark money driving Brexit. We have many more leads to chase down. Please give what you can today – it makes a difference.

Urgent: expose the Brexit dark money

openDemocracy has worked for two years exposing the dark money driving Brexit. We have many more leads to chase down. Please give what you can today – it makes a difference.

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Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Leaving the white nationalist movement with Derek Black

We talk to Derek about what catalysed this change, if others are likely to follow in his footsteps and the role white nationalism is playing in politics in 2019.

“They are collecting information on people involved in social activism”: Ukrainian anarchists targeted in series of searches

In December, Ukrainian law enforcement searched a series of activists' homes in connection with a violent assault on a Ukrainian war veteran. Activists believe this is part of a wider campaign against anarchists in Ukraine.

When crafts become activism

A new generation of craftivists are channeling homespun energy into social justice.

The Macedonian question and Greece’s national solitude

Ever since the creation of Yugoslav Macedonia in 1944, Greece has been burying its head in the sand. It wouldn’t see, because it could not stand to face it.

Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru have appointed new ministers in charge of the Amazon. Who are they?

Four countries in the Amazon basin have appointed new environment ministers in the past eight months, at a time when rates of deforestation have increased and threaten the planet’s largest oxygen reserve. Español

Sowing division: caste is crucial in Indian elections

Of course, politicians did not create the powerful Hindu caste system. They merely exploit this fault-line, exacerbating the caste animosities to build vote banks.

Twitter threats, abuse, murder: what women face defending the environment

Latin America is the deadliest region for environmental and land defenders. But murders often follow numerous threats, including online.

Terrorism policing: the YPG/YPJ, an ally abroad but a danger at home?

The erratic treatment members of the YPG/YPJ receive at the hands of Europe’s counterterrorism networks doesn’t look set to change in the near future.

Gentrification in Porto: will the city turn into a hotel?

Tourism is booming in Portugal, but so is housing speculation. Gentrification has been causing the displacement of the poor, a proliferation of hotels and shrinking public space.

Don’t forget the working-class women who made suffragette history

A century after some UK women won the vote, most of the suffragette stories we hear still focus on the elite. But this was a diverse movement.

Are we prepared to pay the price for farmworker justice?

“We need an awakening of consciousness for everyone to understand how important we are as workers of the land.”

Democracy is facing strong headwinds in 2019

Jair Bolsonaro’s inauguration as president of Brazil marks the beginning of the political year. The redrawing of the world order currently under way is increasingly adverse to democracy. Español

السينما والمسرح داخل السجون التونسية

 لا أنكر أبداً سعادتي بهذه التجربة التونسية المتفردة في بلادنا الناطقة باللغة العربية، والتي تعدّ نموذجاً يمكن تصديره أمام الدول الأخرى

Think Anew, Act Anew: a Convention on Brexit and a People's Vote

An emergency, public gathering in London will take place this Friday ahead of the big parliamentary debate on the UK and the EU. Come along!

No one rules Britain

A first hand account of a country and an economy led by lemmings taking the wider public with them over the cliff edge. 

End the system of forced rescue and institutionalisation in India

India’s new Trafficking in Persons Bill, 2018 repeats the mistakes of its predecessor.

Prospects for Yemen in 2019 and beyond

The fear and terror induced by this situation, combined with unbearable survival conditions are creating a generation of psychologically scarred people, many of whom will never be able to live normal lives.

Fixing digital democracy? The future of data-driven political campaigning

Do we know enough to regulate the private vendors central to every stage of an election campaign? We need to if we are ever to preserve free and fair elections. Español

Towards right and left 2.0?

The ‘Left’ will stand a chance if it relaunches an agenda of social rights and supranationalism. After all, they are the most logical responses to neoliberalism and nationalism.

Police reform in Mexico. Will it work?

Politicians and officials in Mexico have promised to reform the police for years, but the force continues to face the same struggles in curtailing the growing threat posed by organized crime. Español

كُرد سوريا وكعب أخيل

الانسحاب الأمريكي سيضع الكُرد أمام امتحان صعب، وعليهم الاختيار بين التفاوض مع الحكومة السورية والقبول بتنازلات مؤلمة على طريق الوصول لحل سياسي مقبول، أو الدخول في مواجهة عسكرية مع الجيش التركي وفصائل المعارضة السورية الموالية لها.

Why are there no women in Iraq’s football stadiums?

Iraqis are suffocated by a rampant militarization and hypermasculinity.

Brexit, lies, and rich folk

The Leave campaign was built on lies, and as the UK hurtles toward the brink the liars who told them are laughing all the way to the bank.

Polarisation with no ideological solution in sight

The increasing political polarization, a problem of the entire western world, is based on misconceptions to which today's politicians find themselves without a solution.

Will 2019 see a Peace Process for the ELN rebels in Colombia?

Polls show that 64% of Colombians want President Duque to resume negotiations with the ELN, but the new government called off talks in 2018, leaving the future of the peace process uncertain. Español

The unacknowledged fictions of Yuval Harari

Replacing one set of myths with another is no basis for confronting the earth’s existential problems. Español

Revealed: the dirty secrets of the DUP’s ‘dark money’ Brexit donor

MPs call on Richard Cook to “emerge from the shadows” after we uncover his trail of illegal waste, unpaid bills and court documents stretching from India to California.

Small-town feminist activism in Poland

On Monday, October 3, 2016 the landscape of social movements in Poland changed. What surprised many observers and academics was the distribution of protest events throughout the country.

Alt-Right Academia?

"What is disturbing here is the tendency to collapse nuance into a Manichaean story of good and evil. The desire for slower immigration is equivalent to seeking repatriation to achieve a white ethnostate."

What happens in your brain when you change your mind

Neuroscientist Tali Sharot explains how beliefs are formed in the brain, what works to change others’ minds, and what does not.