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Urgent: expose the Brexit dark money

openDemocracy has worked for two years exposing the dark money driving Brexit. We have many more leads to chase down. Please give what you can today – it makes a difference.

Urgent: expose the Brexit dark money

openDemocracy has worked for two years exposing the dark money driving Brexit. We have many more leads to chase down. Please give what you can today – it makes a difference.

This week’s front page editor

Thomas Rowley

Thomas Rowley is editor of oDR.

The quiet coup that could devastate human rights in Guatemala

President Jimmy Morales and his allies in business, politics and the military are racing to break the rule of law and consolidate power. Español

Trump’s lies, immigrant raids and the right to identity

In this State of the Union address, Trump said, “Year after year, countless Americans are murdered by criminal illegal aliens”. Simultaneously, North Carolina witnessed a number of merciless immigrant raids. Español.

Alleged army rapes amidst Zimbabwe fuel hike protests go uninvestigated

When Zimbabweans took to the streets in January, women were met with sexual violence by security forces. Many are scared to report abuses.

CGI crime scene reconstruction opens new leads in Kurdish activist killing

Investigation into Tahir Elçi’s shooting by Goldsmiths research group Forensic Architecture sheds new light on stalled case.

Tahir Elçi cinayetinde dijital modelleme sayesinde yeni bulgulara ulaşıldı

Londra Üniversitesi bünyesindeki araştırma merkezi Forensic Architecture’ın olaya dair hazırladığı bağımsız rapor şüpheli olarak değerlendirilmesi gereken kişilere işaret ediyor.

Five behaviors that perpetuate toxic capitalism

Money and productivity don’t define us; love does.

‘Muslim women are stuck between Islamophobes and Islamic fundamentalists’

From France to Malaysia, Muslim women’s rights activists are challenging those who ask them to ‘choose between being a Muslim and a feminist’.

Open letter to the women of the world from Leyla Güven

"All the women of the world need to be saying enough to fascism, enough to dictatorship!"

Trump's ego vs Kim Jong-un's art of the deal

America's president is all bluster, North Korea's all strategy. Who is winning?

Radio Hakaya Podcast, episode 1: Um Saleh - life under ISIS

The first episode of a podcast series about the socio-political climate faced by Syrians and their host communities through their own eyes as the pressure rises for refugees to return to Syria.

It’s not just medical staff and medicines that Brexit threatens, but the core principle at the heart of our NHS

The toxic Brexit debate has often wrongly characterised the NHS as a “British NHS for British people”, rather than championing it as a service based on healthcare as a matter of human dignity.

Were the Stansted 15 right to stop a UK deportation flight?

While activists learned they would not be jailed for grounding a plane, another deportation flight took off.

UK human rights defenders escape jail for stopping deportation flight

Defendants slam ‘vicious immigration system’ as disputed charter flight deportation continues to Jamaica.

Venezuela and China: a risky story of oil and money

Experts acknowledge major errors in China’s Venezuela venture as opposition leader Guaidó claims power. Español.

Ulanbek Egizbaev’s Search for the Truth in Kyrgyzstan

The sudden tragic death of an investigative journalist raises questions about the fate of the press in Kyrgyzstan.

I am not a criminal, I am an artist

The story of three Moroccan dancers who despite having valid Visas, were refused entry, locked up, and deported by the Dutch authorities.

Jordan Peterson – reluctant darling of the radical right?

His thinking appeals to men who seek an encompassing, empowering theory of the world where they do not need to feel guilt and are not designated as oppressors.

Trust, trauma and intransigence – psychoanalysing Brexit

Leavers want autonomy and a sense of control, Remainers want intimacy and closeness – and both are traumatised by a decade of shocks and loss of faith in government.

Captured states: when EU governments act as middlemen for corporate interests

It's easy to blame “Brussels bureaucrats” but national governments are often the biggest corporate lobbyists of all, a new report exposes today.

We have to stop blaming ‘backward’ culture for FGM and child marriage

These issues have received increased global attention. But simple attacks on ‘tradition and culture’ just fuel the backlash to women’s rights.

FGM in the UK will only end if attitudes shift from within communities

A landmark FGM conviction last week heralds a welcome change. But ending this practice requires both criminal and civil remedies.

No disaster is natural

Should the Brumadinho dam collapse be framed as corporate incompetence or a crime against people and nature? Español

Revealed: The dark-money Brexit ads flooding social media

Facebook has new transparency rules on political ads. But in the last week pro-Brexit groups have spent tens of thousands pushing ‘no deal’ – without having to explain who pays for them.

Tha Brexit, Tha Owns It

If North of England Labour MPs end up voting through a Tory Brexit, then the resulting decline and despair of the region will be their fault.

Three ways to stop the global economic system working for only rich white men

Women’s unpaid work is worth $10 trillion annually. Amazon's Jeff Bezos’s personal wealth dwarves the health budget of most countries. These facts are linked – and a new report from Oxfam suggests answers.

You should know where the money’s coming from: a response to the mayor of Tashkent

Last week, I reported on a possible conflict of interest over a mammoth urban development in Uzbekistan. The mayor of Tashkent responded to my claims — here’s my reaction.