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Rosemary Bechler

Rosemary Bechler is a mainsite editor at openDemocracy

Why Russian prison officers can torture with impunity

Russian courts continue to protect prison service officers accused of torturing and murdering inmates. RU

Airport, transparency and the new government in Mexico

As President, AMLO should develop real policies aimed at combatting the legal and financial structures in Mexico which continue to prevent transparency and facilitate corruption. Español

The image of Arabs in Kurdish oral heritage

Jazira’s Kurds have a rich oral heritage targeting their Arab neighbours. العربية

عن صورة العرب في الموروث الشفاهي الكردي

التجاور الجغرافي ووحدة الحال بين العرب والكرد لم تحل دون تشكّل صور نمطية وقاموس لفظي وقصص وأمثال ومحكيات تنحو في مدلولاتها المباشرة والمضمرة نحو تكريس صور نمطية عن الآخر. English

Depression and the healing desert

Nature offers solace for a man living with depression—and a lesson in acceptance for his anxious partner.

The anti-semitism crisis shows the Labour leadership needs to get better at listening

Team-Corbyn need to get better at listening – starting with the organised Jewish community.

The hard right and the open left

One of the main reasons liberal democracy appears to be imploding is that the liberal international capitalist order on which it has been based for the last seventy years is imploding.

'Fake news’ and Facebook: symptoms not causes of democratic decline

Westminster's Fake News Inquiry has some good recommendations, but provides too many scapegoats for our failing politics.

Turkey: the organic crisis of a post-populist moment

How can we make better sense of debates about populism. Can there be a progressive populism? Is populism really a danger for the survival of democracy or a key to democracy’s future?

The lessons of the World Cup for our victim culture

If these rebels hadn’t somehow found the courage to strike out in bold, new and, frankly, dangerous directions, we would all be the poorer for it.

Taliban from enemy to ally

The threat of ISIS's affiliate in Afghanistan is turning heads in Washington

Hidden motivations: a brutal attack on a Russian Orthodox Church in Chechnya leaves questions unanswered

Allegations of a cover-up and improper qualification of an organised assault on an Orthodox Church in May this year have left space for conspiracy and intrigue.

Our nationalist stories about ourselves can be benign or dangerous – how can we tell the difference?

Why it is so difficult to differentiate between good and bad nationalisms, and why the World Cup might help us. Pt.2 of 4.

Daniel Ortega, a tyrant hanging on by a thread

The President of Nicaragua doesn’t appear to understand that the widespread mobilisations against him are a result of social malaise accumulated during his time in power. Español

US evangelicals targeted LGBT young people with ‘dehumanising’ Facebook and YouTube ads

Social media giants acknowledge that Anchored North video ads violated their rules to protect users – but not before millions of people see them.

On the wrong side of history: the dangers facing Brexitland

"Britain is sadly leading the way in a regressive, narrow-minded and divisive politics... I am leaving behind a Brexit Britain that is rudderless, leaderless and completely hollow within."

Entrevista: la peligrosa invisibilidad de las mujeres migrantes

En todo el mundo hay mujeres que migran para trabajar o huir de la violencia; pero, en comparación con los migrantes masculinos, apenas son visibles en los debates políticos y en los medios de comunicación. Esto las convierte en un sector vulnerable. English

Which conflicts strengthen a democracy, and which tear it apart? How Europe is finding out

Outlining a couple of debates, and the concept of the Monocultural National Us. Why should we be on the look out for its presence in our lives? Pt.1 of 4.

What hope for the millennial generation in politics?

Millennials are confronted by political systems that don’t look like them, speak like them or address their core concerns, but that may be changing.

Revealed: how the UK’s powerful right-wing think tanks and Conservative MPs work together

The Institute of Economic Affairs, accused of offering US donors access to government ministers, is among right-wing think tanks meeting monthly. Conservative MPs have attended, too.

Are we headed for dustbowl Britain – and what could that mean for our wildlife and our food?

New figures show Britain has lost a third of its most threatened wildlife in recent years – harming both our natural heritage and our ability to produce food. This is the most pressing political issue of our time.

Why Brexit threatens activism

Theresa May’s Brexit not only reduces democratic and judicial oversight of future decisions – it could restrict UK activists’ ability to protest bad decisions, free from interference and intrusive surveillance.

Recovering human dignity: Richard Bernstein on the relevance of Hannah Arendt today

Arendt’s fundamental insight was that humans are not born equal; rather, a political construction is needed to create equality of public voice. Review.

Subverting democracy without vote-rigging

Recent events in some prominent democratic nations have highlighted the internal threats that are hard to see and even harder to counter. A military dictator can be identified.

أحلام الهجرة بتوقيت المغرب

وبين هذا وذاك، يتراوح ملف الهجرة أوروبياً، بين مؤيدٍ لأنسنته بمطالبة لتسوية وضع المهاجرين، وبين دعوات واضحة لوقف وطرد هؤلاء المهاجرين واللاجئين

“The revolution will be feminist, or it will be nothing". Dirty laundry to the streets of Chile

This is one of the many statements circulating today in Santiago de Chile’s streets following the feminist movement installed in several Chilean universities. Español

How Montenegro could start World War III

The Balkans did not start World War I. It was started in Vienna, Berlin, St Petersburg, Paris and London…

We should bridge the earnings gulf between legal aid and commercial lawyers

Much of the income of City law firms comes directly from the public purse at many times legal aid rates. How can this be justified?

Tráfico de personas: el túnel que se esconde bajo el apartheid económico

Las políticas de fronteras estadounidenses y europeas defienden la desigualdad económica mucho más que la soberanía o la seguridad nacional. English