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Urgent: expose the Brexit dark money

openDemocracy has worked for two years exposing the dark money driving Brexit. We have many more leads to chase down. Please give what you can today – it makes a difference.

Urgent: expose the Brexit dark money

openDemocracy has worked for two years exposing the dark money driving Brexit. We have many more leads to chase down. Please give what you can today – it makes a difference.

This week’s front page editor

Thomas Rowley

Thomas Rowley is editor of oDR.

Labour and the trade unions can unite people against a no-deal and push for a radically reformed, social Europe

The holding of the first referendum was the real boon to the far-right, and any outcome of the Article 50 process is one in which they gain ground. 

Turkey: the lion that the hyenas did not kill

The president of the Portuguese Judges Association published the following article about Turkish judge, Murat Arslan, in Público, here in English.

Bolivia and the government of the real people

The defeat in the 2016 referendum is now forcing the government to no longer speak on behalf of the majority of the people, but of the real people ("We came here to stay for 500 years"). Español.

Take One Leave One – a new way to help rough sleepers

Homelessness needs political solutions. But as temperatures plummet, communities are also finding a new way to both immediately practically help, and connect with, homeless people. 

The NHS Ten Year Plan neglects the human side of healthcare

Markets, machines and micromanagement are turning healthcare into officious, insensitive practice that demoralises staff and patients.

2018 was the year crime became an ideology in the Americas

In spite of some valuable initiatives to stregnthen the rule of law and tackle impunity in the region, 2018 has seen organised crime thrive throughout the continent. Español

The Sudanese protests and the legacy of the Arab uprisings

Despite the factors working against the Sudanese protesters, there is a real hope that their primary goals can prevail.

“Bright words:” finding common ground in environmental negotiations

We cannot create what we cannot imagine, and to imagine we need stories and words to tell them.

Chechnya LGBT crisis 2.0: what questions we need to be asking

New reports of mass arrests, torture and murder of LGBT people in Chechnya remind us that accountability is tragically lacking in this Russian republic.

How Verona became a ‘model city’ for far right and ultra-Catholic alliances

Far right and religious conservative movements captured the ‘city of love’ years ago. After national successes, they’re aiming at European victories.

Did the FSB use a neo-Nazi agent provocateur in their case against Russian anti-fascists?

After the first defendant in a high-profile terrorism investigation is sentenced, new evidence emerges that security services may have used an agent provocateur against Russian anti-fascists.

Trump vs ISIS: phantom victory

The bitter legacy of the last military struggle in Iraq-Syria hangs over the next.

A spectre is haunting Iran: the curious revival of monarchism

Iran’s monarchism has regained much prestige and legitimacy, but is the claimant to the throne equal to the task?

Cuts to legal aid: a hidden factor in the UK homelessness crisis

A lack of early legal advice is causing unnecessary homeslessness at huge government expense.

Stop calling ‘no-deal’ Brexiteers idiots. They know exactly what they’re doing

This is not bungling, or delusion. It’s part of the Great British Asset striptease. And we need to know who’s bankrolling it.

The Hungarian paradigm shift: how right-wing are Fidesz supporters?

It is clear that the Fidesz government is truly what the Hungarian people desire, their success not simply a matter of effective propaganda.

Lines of tradition: Europe and far right concepts after WWII

‘Nation Europe’ is based on the rejection of a multi-cultural society of a kind which the right-wing extremists still particularly identify with the USA.

Ukraine’s invisible voters

In Ukraine, displaced persons from the Donetsk and Luhansk areas that are not under government control, as well as Russian-annexed Crimea, have no vote in local elections. RU

The Irish Revolution’s overlooked history of nonviolent resistance

The founding of the Irish Parliament was a path-breaking event in the emergence of nonviolence.

Venezuela – A rough road ahead

As a deep crisis unfolds in Venezuela, there is little informed analysis of what is going on and what the EU should do about it. Here’s ICG’s assessment, a part of its EU Watch List 2019. Español

Rethinking divorce: the rights of UK nationals are at risk

The PM alone made the decision to leave the EU on the basis of the referendum result: Article 50 was invoked before setting out what type of Brexit the country would pursue.

Let’s not crash out of or back into the EU: we need more time – a response to Yanis Varoufakis

Pushing away this fake deadline, which is effectively pointing a gun at the heads of the people of Britain, is extremely important, since it appears to control the entire political dynamics.

Uzbekistan Ltd: private-public interests clash in flagship project

As a major property development scheme gets under way in Tashkent, a data trail reveals a potential serious conflict of interest in Uzbekistan’s new corridors of power.

‘They were planning on stealing the election’: Explosive new tapes reveal Cambridge Analytica CEO’s boasts of voter suppression, manipulation and bribery

Previously unknown recording reveals extraordinary ‘black ops’ on three continents – exploiting weaknesses in democracies left wide open by governments and Silicon Valley.

Brexit is good news for those in the business of war

Lydia Noon reflects on a busy week for those seeking and profiteering from arms deals, and the hypocrisy of it.

Open Letter by Over 70 Scholars and Experts Condemns US-Backed Coup Attempt in Venezuela

"For the sake of the Venezuelan people, the region, and for the principle of national sovereignty, these international actors should instead support negotiations between the Venezuelan government and its opponents." Español.

Why our leaders urgently need to ditch the Machiavelli and read some peace philosophers

The League of Nations, inspired by centuries of thinking on peace and justice, was born a hundred years ago this February, and later came the UN. But the promised post-Cold War 'Peace Dividend' never arrived...

Spanish women shoe workers organise to end decades of exploitation

Women workers in the country’s 'footwear capital' say they have endured too many years of job insecurity and wage theft.

When children kill a child: the Bulger case and an Oscar-nominated film

Rage, grief, disgust followed news of Detainment’s Oscar nomination. UK government adviser Malcolm Stevens knew the boys who killed 2 year-old James Bulger. What does he make of the film?

‘Post-sectarian Iraq’ between theory and practice

It remains to be seen whether this so called ‘new Iraq’ is as post-sectarian as some academics and journalists claim.