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Mothers bring peace to Mexico with a new interactive documentary

Join the official UK launch of Anyone’s Child: Mexico.

Sponsored content is compromising media integrity

It used to be that advertising and editorial were kept separate. Today, brands are burrowing into media content, eroding their own credibility and readers' trust.

How Facebook and the New York Times corporatised 'fake news'

We often talk about far-right US publishers or Macedonia’s fake news industry plaguing our media landscape. But there’s another fraud that too often goes unseen: ‘black ops advertising’.

Egypt’s activists should be celebrated, not criminalised

As justice remains elusive, celebration of Egyptian civil society can build a strong counter-narrative to criminalisation.

Henry Giroux, public intellectual, on the menace of Trump and the new authoritarianism

“Trump’s election... confirms that the dark and haunting possibilities of authoritarianism are upon us, and have made way for a more extreme and totalitarian form of late capitalism.”  Extended interview.

“Young people in Russia today don’t have it easy”

After young people and students took to the streets, education is firmly on the agenda in Russia. An interview with Mikhail Sokolov on the threats to academic freedom and whether one of Russia's leading universities will survive. Русский

Micaela: The femicide that took the light from the sun

The rape and murder of Micaela Garcia, a young activist of 21 years, reminds us of the intolerable level of violence, machismo and injustice in Argentina. Español

The making of the modern Kurdish Middle East

Rather than a unified Kurdistan across borders, a single ethnic group with multiple sovereign territories is more likely to be the political foundation of the modern Kurdish Middle East.

Iraqi Kurdistan: from democratic consensus to de facto autocracy

Due to the war with ISIL and international support, the Kurdistan region is currently run by an autocratic administration under the influence of neighboring countries.

Putin's nation-building project offers reconciliation without truth

The Kremlin has resorted to obfuscating the past in the name of national reconciliation.

Why the old Holloway Prison in north London should become a new women's building

This former site of state violence against women must be reclaimed – for the collective good.

When watching violence is your job: workers on the digital frontline

Human rights organizations must do more for staff at headquarters who are on the digital front lines. A contribution to the openGlobalRights debate on mental health and human rights. العربية. Español

A multinational fracking boom begins in Colombia

New concessions threaten the water supply to the capital city of Bogota. Español


Three forays into ideology in the age of post-truth politics

Attempts to wrestle with fake news and post-truth lack a concept of ideology to tell us not only what is believed, but why, and suggest how to move on.

Can Donald Trump predict the future?

The myth of prophecy is central to the success of authoritarian politics.

In St Petersburg, long-distance truck drivers are holding out for victory

Russia’s long-distance truck drivers have started a nationwide strike. But without support from political parties or other groups, how far can they go? Русский

Copts of Egypt: from survivors of sectarian violence to targets of terrorism

Recent bombings mark a new era in the religious targeting of Copts – one which is qualitatively different from previous patterns of sectarian violence.

Dangerous road to divisive places

A review of The Road to Somewhere. The Populist Revolt and the Future of Politics by David Goodhart, London (2017).

Marine Le Pen, the Vel d'Hiv round-up, and the grey zone of Vichy France

Marine Le Pen has courted yet more controversy by saying that France is not responsible for the rounding up of Jews in Paris during WWII, but grey zones in the country's collective memory still abound.

Mexico in the Face of Trump’s America: Why Nationalism is Not the Answer

A call for nationalism is the wrong answer to Trump’s policies and can translate into a call for loyalty towards the current government. Español Português

Seven moments from the life of Almazbek Atambayev

The rise of Kyrgyzstan’s increasingly authoritarian president is an unusual story. Fergana News recalls some of its stranger chapters.

Working to stop the war in Yemen: Interview with peace activist Sam Walton

Why did Sam Walton try to arrest a Saudi general, and what impact did it have?

Healthy for the long haul: building resilience in human rights workers

Human rights organizations are finally recognizing that mental health programs for their own staff are long overdue. A contribution to the openGlobalRights debate on mental health and human rights. العربية. Español.  

It’s not the gig economy, stupid.

The gig economy has got us talking about the labour market, but the decline in trade union membership matters more.

Trade unions, the internet, and surviving the gig economy

The internet provides new opportunities to strengthen collective action and improve new forms of work.

This French presidential election is historic

On 23 April, voters will have to decide whether to give Macron the chance to reform France or whether they prefer to entrust the fate of the republic to a wrecker. Español Português

Cyber-feminism in China: between expression and oppression

In early 2017, a young woman's experiences of violence went viral on Weibo. Her case demonstrates the paradox of social media in China.

Abolish work, the robots are coming!

The Czech Republic is among those countries most vulnerable to the effects of the automation of work. Robots are going to replace laborers and journalists alike – is there a way out?