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Urgent: expose the Brexit dark money

openDemocracy has worked for two years exposing the dark money driving Brexit. We have many more leads to chase down. Please give what you can today – it makes a difference.

Urgent: expose the Brexit dark money

openDemocracy has worked for two years exposing the dark money driving Brexit. We have many more leads to chase down. Please give what you can today – it makes a difference.

This week’s front page editor

Thomas Rowley

Thomas Rowley is editor of oDR.

FGM in the UK will only end if attitudes shift from within communities

A landmark FGM conviction last week heralds a welcome change. But ending this practice requires both criminal and civil remedies.

No disaster is natural

Should the Brumadinho dam collapse be framed as corporate incompetence or a crime against people and nature? Español

Revealed: The dark-money Brexit ads flooding social media

Facebook has new transparency rules on political ads. But in the last week pro-Brexit groups have spent tens of thousands pushing ‘no deal’ – without having to explain who pays for them.

Tha Brexit, Tha Owns It

If North of England Labour MPs end up voting through a Tory Brexit, then the resulting decline and despair of the region will be their fault.

Three ways to stop the global economic system working for only rich white men

Women’s unpaid work is worth $10 trillion annually. Amazon's Jeff Bezos’s personal wealth dwarves the health budget of most countries. These facts are linked – and a new report from Oxfam suggests answers.

You should know where the money’s coming from: a response to the mayor of Tashkent

Last week, I reported on a possible conflict of interest over a mammoth urban development in Uzbekistan. The mayor of Tashkent responded to my claims — here’s my reaction.

In central Ukraine, a city’s future is overshadowed by a radioactive neighbour

The city of Kamianske, once the home of a Soviet-era uranium processing facility, must deal with the millions of tonnes of radioactive waste left behind.

The revolution in Sudan: let it fall

The will of the Sudanese youth is unmasking the dogma of a violent regime.

A dam bursts in Brazil, but the problems cross its borders

Pollution, armed militia and communities evictions are some of Vale S.A.'s alleged violations. Español.

How can we save British democracy from a Trump-style Wild West future?

Until we close the loopholes that allow big money and big tech to warp politics, the only path forward is the American one.

Egypt: a horror story

An attempt to remember, and cope with a trauma that pervades the lives of millions of Egyptians.

Praxis in a polarized world: the dilemma of activist scholars on the left

If progressive academics want to work with ‘the people,’ then we’ll have to meet ‘the people’ where they are.

Who gains from Trump trashing the INF Treaty – Putin and Lockheed Martin!

As Trump suspends the 1987 INF Treaty, Putin retaliates.  What can be done to prevent a new nuclear arms race from endangering Europe – and the world – again?

Labour and the trade unions can unite people against a no-deal and push for a radically reformed, social Europe

The holding of the first referendum was the real boon to the far-right, and any outcome of the Article 50 process is one in which they gain ground. 

Turkey: the lion that the hyenas did not kill

The president of the Portuguese Judges Association published the following article about Turkish judge, Murat Arslan, in Público, here in English.

Bolivia and the government of the real people

The defeat in the 2016 referendum is now forcing the government to no longer speak on behalf of the majority of the people, but of the real people ("We came here to stay for 500 years"). Español.

Take One Leave One – a new way to help rough sleepers

Homelessness needs political solutions. But as temperatures plummet, communities are also finding a new way to both immediately practically help, and connect with, homeless people. 

The NHS Ten Year Plan neglects the human side of healthcare

Markets, machines and micromanagement are turning healthcare into officious, insensitive practice that demoralises staff and patients.

2018 was the year crime became an ideology in the Americas

In spite of some valuable initiatives to stregnthen the rule of law and tackle impunity in the region, 2018 has seen organised crime thrive throughout the continent. Español

The Sudanese protests and the legacy of the Arab uprisings

Despite the factors working against the Sudanese protesters, there is a real hope that their primary goals can prevail.

“Bright words:” finding common ground in environmental negotiations

We cannot create what we cannot imagine, and to imagine we need stories and words to tell them.

Chechnya LGBT crisis 2.0: what questions we need to be asking

New reports of mass arrests, torture and murder of LGBT people in Chechnya remind us that accountability is tragically lacking in this Russian republic.

How Verona became a ‘model city’ for far right and ultra-Catholic alliances

Far right and religious conservative movements captured the ‘city of love’ years ago. After national successes, they’re aiming at European victories.

Did the FSB use a neo-Nazi agent provocateur in their case against Russian anti-fascists?

After the first defendant in a high-profile terrorism investigation is sentenced, new evidence emerges that security services may have used an agent provocateur against Russian anti-fascists.

Trump vs ISIS: phantom victory

The bitter legacy of the last military struggle in Iraq-Syria hangs over the next.

A spectre is haunting Iran: the curious revival of monarchism

Iran’s monarchism has regained much prestige and legitimacy, but is the claimant to the throne equal to the task?

Cuts to legal aid: a hidden factor in the UK homelessness crisis

A lack of early legal advice is causing unnecessary homeslessness at huge government expense.

Stop calling ‘no-deal’ Brexiteers idiots. They know exactly what they’re doing

This is not bungling, or delusion. It’s part of the Great British Asset striptease. And we need to know who’s bankrolling it.