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Rosemary Bechler

Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy's mainsite editor.

A litmus test of images of Britain in the mind

When drawing a portrait of Britain today with 25 international artists, how does Brexit fit in?

The US-Turkey stand-off in context: the US and the weaponisation of global finance

The US, a declining superpower, is trying to use the power of the dollar as a weapon to punish Turkey and other disobedient actors in the international system.

Love and hunger in breadline Britain

We need a moral and spiritual revolution to replace the culture of shame with a politics of love and solidarity.

Impunity Reigns: Threats to the Historical Archive of the National Police in Guatemala

The future of one of the largest archives containing documents related to the 36 years of internal armed conflict in Guatemala and the dirty wars in Latin America is currently at risk. Español

The IMF abetted the European Union’s subversion of Greek democracy

Who was accountable and who is accountable to the Greek people? European handling of the Greek crisis takes economic colonialism to a twenty-first-century high-water mark.

Carlington Spencer: another death in UK immigration detention

Last year six people died in or shortly after transfer from immigration lock-up. Carlington Spencer, held at Morton Hall, died aged 38. This is his story. Part one. 

On one of the key political issues of the day, local politics has been running scared

Britain's local politicians need to find the language to lead on immigration.

Opposition MPs call on PM to investigate former minister over hidden links to Tory ultra-Brexiteers

After openDemocracy revealed how former Brexit minister Steve Baker continued to work with the secretive European Research Group despite being in government, demands for Downing Street to investigate.

Gender egalitarianism made us human: patriarchy was too little, too late

The original rule was that against rape, ‘No means NO’, a woman’s body is sacred if she says so. Here is my story about how that rule arose.

Moral courage, leadership, and Brexit

Since when is blindly following “the will of the people”, wherever it may lead, the definition of leadership?

Traffickers, cybergangs and paedophiles: a genuine threat or a fuzzy narrative surrounding displaced Rohingya?

Claims that Rohingya women and children are at risk of being trafficked for labour and sexual exploitation simplify complexities, magnifying the emotional content. Policies shouldn’t be designed around them. 

Azerbaijan’s blocking of websites is a sign of further restrictions online

This month has seen yet another series of attacks on internet freedom.

How repression can fuel a movement

Repression often energizes resistance and undercuts the legitimacy of elites.

Netanyahu’s Corbyn problem

In the furore over Labour's leader, Israel's actual interest in targeting him is neglected.

‘Bad girls’ in Holloway prison: when being a ‘loud’ black woman was an offence in itself

Black women were disproportionately jailed and mistreated in London’s infamous Holloway prison. This is an edited extract from “Bad Girls, A History of Rebels and Renegades”.

Trapped on Brexit Island

How did we get here, and how do we escape? Transforming education would be a start.

The currency crisis in Argentina and the dawning of the IMF

The Argentine government has requested financial assistance from the IMF to tackle the consequences of a huge foreign exchange crisis. Doubts about the country's foreseeable future are re-emerging. Español

Truly Project Hate: the third scandal of the official Vote Leave campaign headed by Boris Johnson

Look at the Vote Leave Facebook adverts alongside their more public propaganda, and you see quite how much it promoted racist ideas.

Belfast is welcoming refugees with a radical new approach: speaking to them

We’re having different conversations about immigration, race and community. They are successful, and fun, and they could change the world.

The theatre group challenging Bosnia's ethnic divisions

I was imprisoned in Omarska concentration camp. There's a growing danger it could happen again. That's why I’m working with young people to help stop it.

John McCain: on mourning a principled man … of violence

To McCain – with consequences for all of us – the Vietnam war was a memory of violence done to himself and other Americans, not the criminal mass murder of America’s war machine.

Women’s bodies have become a battleground in the fight for Iran’s future

A regressive law to boost the population has restricted the reproductive choices and rights of all Iranian women. Though some suffer more than others.

Ex-Brexit minister Steve Baker remained in charge of secretive Tory ultra faction

Under the ministerial code, Baker was supposed to cut his ties with the European Research Group when he joined the government in 2017. But newly released emails show that as Brexit minister, he offered them private briefings on critical government policy.

Will the war in Russia’s North Caucasus ever end?

Over the past 200 years, war and colonisation has defined Russia’s North Caucasus. But in a period of relative calm, significant changes are still underway. RU

No justice without love: why activism must be more generous

I want to be a member of a thriving and diverse social movement, not a cult or a religion.

#AMLO in Mexico: What are the two greatest challenges of the new president?

Among the greatest challenges that new Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador faces, violence and corruption come out on top. How he addresses these issues will determine his presidency. Español

The Second Chechen War: Testimony of an Eyewitness

Chechen journalist Abdul Itslayev lived out the Second Chechen War in his native village. Against a backdrop of rocket attacks, murder and robbery, he tried to piece together what, in fact, was happening. RU

The ancient city of Damascus: Shwam, and what I know about them

Ancient history, as well as political and demographic changes, shaped the relationship between the Shwam and other communities, as well as between the poor and rich Shwam. العربية