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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Founder, Director and Editor of democraciaAbierta

How did Northern Ireland lawmakers carve out an anti-abortion ‘ghetto’ within the UK?

Northern Ireland remains a blind spot for equality for women and members of the LGBTIQ community. Will Ireland’s abortion referendum change this?

Sanctions don’t help the Venezuelan people

The endless string of sanctions imposed on Venezuela first by the US and later followed by the EU and Canada, is generating irreversible consequences. Español

For legal abortion and an inclusive democracy

Florencia Minici is a member of the collective Ni Una Menos and co-director of Latfem Noticias. In May she spoke in congress, in favour of the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy law. Here is her full speech. Español

Продолжение "Процесса"

Документалист Аскольд Куров встретился с Олегом Сенцовым в тюрьме "Белый медведь". English

The future of trade unions

Unless democracy is reinstated as the movement’s guiding principle, organized labor will fail in any form.

CIA whistleblower: ''No regrets. I would do it all again''

Whistleblower John Kiriakou explains why he and fellow-whistlebower Thomas Drake are committed to alerting their fellow Americans to a dangerous surveillance and war system designed to monitor their every activity. 31-minute video Interview.

Brexit, Parliament and the British Constitution: why a People’s Vote is the only legitimate constitutional means of resolving Brexit

" If... the people legitimately... set parliament and government the task of working out a way of leaving the EU, then... the people should also be able mark their homework and pass a verdict on their efforts."

Kim Jong-un to Trump: bring it on

Trump thinks he's the top deal-maker. Pyongyang's summit plans suggest not.

God votes in India, abstains in Britain. Part 1

Once Britain moved beyond religious nationalism, religion itself became a spent force, though not one prevented from speaking truth to power. Contrast India.

Italy’s dangerous direction on migration

Italy needs greater support to ensure a humane approach to migrants and to protect refugees, but Europe should insist that Italy’s government respect human rights.

The jihadogenous urban structure

These individuals feel coerced by the predicament of being neither French nor Arab, neither Pakistani nor English... they bear the stigma of double ‘non-identity’.

The “safeguarding of morality” in Nizhny Novgorod is turning into an attack on the city’s Protestant community

In this World Cup host city, two students involved in local Protestant life are facing deportation after interference from the security services. RU

‘I’m a first aider’ said man who helped restrain and handcuff Rashan

Rashan Charles inquest, Day Three: A ‘confused, shocked and panicked’ police officer. A ‘member of the public’ who intervened ‘without thinking’. Jury asks: Who was in charge? 

To restore trust in technology, we must go further than GDPR

Privacy controls are a step in the right direction but more must be done to tackle misinformation.

Dmitry Borisov, convicted in Russia's 26 March Case, has been released

Borisov was convicted for raising his foot in the air as police carried him off during a 2017 anti-corruption protest in Moscow. 

Looking at Lexit : Everyday Lexiteers - Interview 2 : Niall

" I found the politicians on both sides of the argument nothing short of disgusting and the framing of the debate as appalling."

A victory for real politics? Chișinău’s mayoral elections in perspective

32714373_1839874162718477_6334540156975972352_n.jpgBy electing a mayor who has consistently promised to fight oligarchic control and corruption, residents of Moldova's capital have voted for the return of politics. 


The “other” and oral sectarian culture in Syria

Before the Syrian uprising, relationships between Syrian sects were, like those betwen the regime and the population, governed by taqiyya [dissimulation] or even hypocrisy. العربية

In memory of Razan al Najjar: Steve Bell's cartoon

An Israeli army sniper shot the 21-year-old nurse while she was trying to care for injured protestors in Gaza. This is Steve Bell's tribute to her.

Trading sovereignty: how Ukraine's Pension Fund co-operates with the Russian authorities

By sending official information requests to the Russian authorities, Ukraine's Pension Fund de-facto recognises Russian jurisdiction in occupied Crimea. RU

The migrant-led activism stamping out racial hostility in the UK

Meet the pro-migrant individuals, groups and organisations who are working tirelessly to counter this government’s anti-immigrant policies, pro-Brexit propaganda, and ‘hostile environment’.

Three lessons the labour movement must learn from the Fight for 15 at Walmart

Social media, the power of reputational damage, and effective communications are powerful tools for trade union organising.

Brexit, Corbyn and us: what disappointment can teach us about politics and ourselves

If politicians aren’t planning for disappointment then they’re not living in reality. 

Justice retrieval in Guatemala has the face of a woman

Women are leading the efforts to return rights that have been snatched away, to reject fear and to re-evaluate the truly guilty parties of criminal acts in Guatemala. Español

The Argentinian Green Tide: the right to abort is being won on the streets

Feminist activism in Argentina has managed to introduce a series of public hearings on reproductive rights on the legislative agenda. The debate reached the nation's Congress. Español 

Let battle commence! Matt Hancock approves both bidders for Sky

Sky shareholders look set for a bonanza summer – but what do the latest twists and turns in the Sky saga mean for news viewers?

A call for the revival of political and economic education

Political and economic education is pitiful, and via political parties, the education system and trade unions, it desperately needs to be revived.

Salvini and the racist immigration policy of Italy’s new government is giving a green light to racial violence

Soumaila Sacko was a USB trade union activist. His union had helped represent thousands of migrants working in agriculture in southern Italy.  

Germany's falling crime rates show the left should drop identity politics

AfD is a far-right party which has drawn a lot of strength over the past five years by banging on about how unsafe German streets have become.

An appeal to the representatives of countries who are expected to travel to the World Cup football games in Russia

The Russian Federation is holding 70 Ukrainian political prisoners in custody. Many of them have been convicted under torture and using false evidence.