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Introduction to a new Declaration of Independence

This rehearses our grievances against the current royalists, who working in concert with most of our politicians, have destabilized our Republic to the point of grave illness.

Brazil elections: an avoidable catastrophe

Whoever passes through to the second round, they must recognise that to face up to authoritarianism, all democrats must create a common front to close the path towards catastrophe. Español Português

A new Brazil, a new left

It is the end of Brazil as we know it. The left, both globally and nationally, has lost its way. How do we reconstruct the first, and how do we rediscover the second? Español

Fox/Sky, Murdoch and Comcast: winners and losers

On October 11th, the US cable giant Comcast acquires full control of Sky plc. For the first time since he launched Sky, Rupert Murdoch will have no say. But should we be careful what we wish for?

'Sexual liberation, socialist style': an overlooked women's rights story?

New research by Kateřina Lišková places eastern bloc countries at forefront of twentieth century push for gender equality.

Feminism gone bad? Women’s organisations and the hard right in Germany

What kind of campaigning could outweigh the increasing power of implicit and explicit alliances by far-right actors and certain anti-Muslim German feminists?

Decentralising Ukraine: the view from Khmelnytsky

Three years of Ukraine’s most successful reform have produced results that are, at times, unexpected and ambiguous. RU

Ways to end the conflict in Ukraine’s Donbas: an interview with Serhiy Kudelia

The conflict in eastern Ukraine is at a stalemate. How do we break through it?

Entrepreneurs of hate

Where does hate come from, and why has it played such a role in recent political history?

#JusticiaParaBerta: More than 900 days without environmental activist Berta Cáceres

2 and a half years after Honduran environmental activist Berta Cáceres was shot dead, her family are still fighting for a fair trial. Today, Berta symbolises the voice of environmental activism and the defence of indigenous territories throughout the Americas. Español

Progressive call to sustain democracy and the multipolar order

A warning regarding the dangerous path followed by Brazilian democracy.

Investigate the Birmingham Trojan Horse affair

The Birmingham Trojan Horse affair has had serious consequences for public policy, but now the parliamentary standards committee is being asked to investigate possible governmental misconduct in its handling.

It is liberalism that has helped sow the seeds of illiberalism

Liberalism has lost its way because it has forgotten its own history, and the left seems similarly blindsided.

Labour’s new broadcast channels Trump to good effect

If billionaires can profit from invoking empty factory floors, then Labour certainly can too.

Catalonia and postfascism

A legacy that never went away has risen to the surface in Catalonia. And it explains why the independence movement in Catalonia will not be broken easily. Catalana.

The UN isn’t doing enough to tackle its sexual abuse epidemic. Former staff agree

Three former UN staff and a former special advisor to the Secretary General explain how the UN downplays the issue, and perpetrators rarely face punishment due to a negligent process.  

Time for the BBC to be brave, bold and courageous – developing a manifesto for change

“My aim is to take the debate about the BBC beyond the need for platform prominence and to address how it can add value to British life and British interests overseas in the twenty-first century.”

‘Anger is language of justice’ says author of new book on women’s rage

What have women got to be angry about? A lot, according to writer and critic Soraya Chemaly who talks about her new book Rage Becomes Her.

Matteo Salvini, renaturalizing the racial and sexual boundaries of democracy

In Italy, Salvini has set out to expand the independentist and regionalist dimension that formerly characterized his party, turning it into a xenophobic force with a national calling.

All you need is love?

Transformative organizing fails to address the underlying conditions through which exploitative care relationships are generated and maintained.

Why the distribution of wealth has more to do with power than productivity

According to a new OECD working paper, Britain is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Net wealth is estimated to stand at around $500,000 per household – more than double the equivalent fi...

Hyper-extremism tends to follow extremism

The Hindutva storm-troopers would feel let down, having been trained to abuse the secular Hindus, liberals, intellectuals, dissenting writers and a minority community.

المدارس السورية.. الباب الخلفي لعقلية التعذيب

تشكل المدارس السورية في صورتها العامة آلة عملاقة لتحطيم الفرد، من خلال بناء منظومة قيم ثقافية واجتماعية تتحول إلى مسلمات بعد عملية تكرار مضنية تستمر 12 عاماً

الإسمنت الفرنسي، والأسئلة السوريّة، "المصنع" كمحرَض على التفكير

يطرح كلّ عرض مسرحي سوري جديد في المنفى، أو أيّ عمل فنّي سوري آخر يحتكّ مباشرة مع الجمهور، سؤالاً كبيراً حول تمثيل السوريين وسرديّتهم (أو سرديّاتهم المختلفة) عن الأحداث السوريّة

Brexit has revealed the Northern Powerhouse as a colonial enterprise

The Tories’ “Northern Powerhouse” has always relied on historical tropes about bootstrap industrialisation. But it now owes more to the Highland Clearances and Peterloo.

Financing a Labour government

A new government must strike the right balance between taxation, monetisation and debt issuance.

‘Dear reader, put yourself in the position of a child raped and denied an abortion’

I am a 14-year-old aspiring human rights activist and this is why I believe in women’s and girls' right to safe abortion in cases of rape.

If the soul is ignored long enough, the body rebels

Sometimes when I fill out death certificates I wish I could write the cause of death as poverty or racism.

Trump follows, DPRK-Iran lead

The president's diplomatic delusions are taking the United States down.

“Everyone is trying to get me to stop”: Russian student Vyacheslav Kryukov writes diary of his prison hunger-strike

10 people were arrested in Moscow earlier this year on fabricated extremism charges. Vyacheslav Kryukov is one of them — and is now on Day 16 of a hunger strike.