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The law has changed

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The law has changed

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Green and orange, sand and gold - an environmental free-for-all in Northern Ireland?

Neoliberal ideas about reconciliation, a formalisation of sectarian pork barrel politics, and political stasis, are all leaving a legacy of environmental destruction in some of Northern Ireland's most beautiful and important regions.

The family-party-state nexus in Nicaragua

The recent demonstrations are the expression of deep dissatisfaction with the Ortega family regime. But in the absence of any serious political opposition, it is unclear what the alternative might be. Español

“Simon Jones was 24 when he died, his head crushed by the grab of a crane”

Poor working conditions kill a worker every 11 seconds. All of these deaths are preventable – if the political will is there. An edited version of a speech given on International Workers Day.

Why I am not a Liberal and how we need to fight bin Trump and Brexit

Trumpism cannot be defeated by seeing it as merely irrational - nor by withdrawing from Europe.

Minorities in Kyrgyzstan: changed by revolution

Kyrgyzstan’s two revolutions have been followed by violence and discrimination against the country’s minorities.

"They put a bag on my head, cuffed my hands behind my back and tortured me with a taser": anarchist Svyatoslav Rechkalov on torture at the hands of Russian law enforcement

An attack on a United Russia office in Moscow in January has led to Russian anarchists being detained and, in one confirmed case, tortured. Here's what happened to me. RU 

Political precariat

The concept of the precariat has explanatory power day-to-day and transformative potential in the socio-political world. For a just and honorable life, we need the political precariat.

Tormenta perfecta sobre el Río de la Plata

Las decisiones de política financiera de Mauricio Macri en los dos últimos años atrajeron capital especulativo no productivo que se ha retirado repentinamente, provocando el desconcierto y el recurso improvisado al odiado FMI. English

The history of a science: unreliable narrators and how science moves on

It may seem that something remains to be explained, Chris Knight's question: Why did Chomsky's model of linguistics change?

To prevent another Alfie Evans case we must reverse cuts to public services

The right have used the case as a stick to beat the public services they supported gutted.

Trump’s folly with Iran means Europe must show what it stands for

A collapse of the Iran nuclear agreement could spark catastrophic, global conflict. Time for Europeans to close the gap between words and action.

Populism, Trump, and the future of democracy

The most popular political philosopher of his generation makes an invaluable contribution to openDemocracy's debate on liberal responsiblity worldwide for the rise of the hard right.

Against solidarity of the powerful

Is it true that western powers’ silence over Yemen stands in opposition to their solidarity for the Syrians? Or, or do they both acquire the same quality?

The latest on OpenGlobalRights: dilemmas of international justice and fighting backlash against feminism

Recently on OpenGlobalRights, authors debated whether advances in international justice are prolonging conflicts, how to fight backlash against feminism, and the balance of engaging corporations with human rights.

Where next for migrant Roma communities post-Brexit?

Those committed to ‘freedom of movement’ still have to address their ambivalence regarding migrant Roma communities, who are amongst the most vulnerable groups in UK society.

Home Office fails Albanian child refugees

One Saturday at a London drop-in for children fleeing crime gangs and blood feuds.

Are we losing our love of life? ‘It must be the money’

Healing our relationship to finance is a pre-condition for building a grassroots-led investment fund that’s focused on wellbeing.

Bidzina’s back

The return of Georgia’s richest man to open participation in this South Caucasus state's political life is designed to smooth over problems in the ruling party. RU

Don't invoke the NHS to sell a false idea of 'good nationalism'

This isn't 'good nationalism'. This is nationalism - as ever, in an English context - as forgetting. A response to Zoe Williams.

The violent innocence of conspiracy theorists: a reply to Peter Oborne

David Aaronovitch responds to Peter Oborne‘s criticism of his 'disingenuous' book review on the death of David Kelly.

Women in politics in Latin America, from the Pink Tide to the turn to the Right

Until recently, there was a significant presence of women in the political frontline in Latin America. The current turn to the Right seems to produce the opposite. Or does it? Español

الثقافة الشفوية والهوية في سورية - ملف

ما هي خلفيات الوعي الطائفي، فهل ولد بين ليلة وضحاها أم أنه كان راقدا بيننا ينتظر اللحظة المناسبة للانفجار في وجهنا؟  English

Fire and oil in western Kazakhstan's “spiritual renovation”

Post-independence Kazakhstan has seen a revival in Kazakh genealogies, sub-ethnic lineages and identities.

The fight for an indigenous female voice in Latin America

Marichuy Patricio’s emergence as a potential candidate for the 2018 Mexican elections sparked hope for the indigenous female movement. But in reality, they are far from achieving equal political representation. Español

The New Right governments' empty chair strategy at UNASUR

On April 20, the governments of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru informed that they would "temporarily" suspend their participation in the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR). Español

How did Grenoble start a French water revolution? It made its water management public

In Grenoble, a city tucked away in the French alps, where the water has been so pure for years you can put it in baby bottles. Why? Because water is managed by the public sector. 

Reporting Syria: this is a story about people - an interview with Rania Abouzeid

A conversation with reporter Rania Abouzeid about practicing journalism, the role of media in the conflict, and the future of Syria.