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Phoebe Braithwaite is openDemocracy’s submissions editor.

Local councils, love and loathing – a life story

From 80s municipal socialism to the Blairite ‘regeneration game’ and beyond – a tale of hopes betrayed, and dreams that still need to be fulfilled.

Acid attacks are on the rise – the government must act now

Perpetrators of hate crime and gang violence are turning to easily available weapons. Muslim communities are frightened.

Naomi Klein discusses the climate crisis, Trump's brand, and America's war on memory

The author of No Is Not Enough says we must tackle our “inner Trump” in order to create a better world.

Seeking refuge in refugees

Glimpses of life in a Greek refugee camp through the diary of a young volunteer.

Transforming political participation in Latin America

We are in the presence of a demos, the politically organized society, which has been undergoing changes in Latin America and the world, while politics has remained stagnant. Español Português

The terrible consequences of deregulation and cutting corners

After Grenfell, it’s time for the government to urgently rethink its attitude to regulation.

For Singaporeans, western education has not provoked a desire for more democratic participation

Singapore and China's citizens do not want more democracy, they want better political outcomes and more responsive government. A reply to Francesco Grillo, Annalisa Cappellini and Giulia Lamoratta. 

Why BigData is running roughshod over the NHS - and what to do about it

The NHS is being treated as both a 'cash cow' and a 'data cow', a string of recent scandals suggest. And now there's another privacy-bashing tech bonanza on the way, as ID cards rise from the ashes of Brexit policy.

Sustaining peace

Half of all peace deals fail within five years. This is how you make them work.

Shielding data from the "five eyes": we need to stand up for encryption

A coalition of 83 organizations and individuals from five countries has come together to demand stronger defence of encryption, following the “Five Eyes” ministerial meeting in Ottawa last week.

Rio de Janeiro´s violence: a tale of two cities

80% of Rio de Janeiro’s residents believe they are at risk of being murdered in the next year. In a face to face encounter with the city´s darker side, how do you confront a suffering community? Español Português

This article is published as part of the campaign Instinto de Vida.

The crude reality of México that only the murdered and tortured know

“In Mexico City, about 88% feel unsafe when away from home no matter what time of day it is. In the internationally-renowned Mexican resort city Acapulco, 86 percent feel insecure.” Spanish

La cruda realidad de México que solo los asesinados y torturados conocen

México es un país donde hoy el Estado de derecho se aplica sólo a aquellos que pueden pagarlo. Como señaló recientemente el Relator Especial de Naciones Unidas sobre la Tortura, el 98% de los crímenes en México permanecen impunes. English

Es hora de que las ciudades manden

El liderazgo de la ciudad tiene que ser global.  Las ciudades necesitan los recursos y la plataforma para conformar al contexto global en el que operan. English

Fires disproportionately kill vulnerable people, and Grenfell is no different

We need more than just fire safety; we need fire justice, and a culture which takes stock of the fact that it is the poor and the disadvantaged who die in natural disasters.

It´s time for cities to lead

In 2005, Ken Livingstone convened a gathering of 18 city leaders that would go on to become the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group – one of the most powerful urban advocacy networks in the world. Spanish

UK charity seeks funds to challenge use of painful restraints on children

How can it be wrong to hurt vulnerable children inside a secure children’s home, but all right to inflict pain in transit?

Could Trump be an ally in the fight against human trafficking?

There are good reasons for caution but it would be foolhardy and short-sighted to let cynicism obstruct opportunity.

The Age of Corbyn 3: Burnt Alive

Visiting Grenfell Tower and how it feels alive, a photo-essay.

We've forced a change in the law on 'dark money'. But we still need to do more

This is why our campaigning journalism is important.

Brexit negotiations: why are the liberal media accepting the first lie of nationalism?

On Steve Baker's corporate interests and Brexit negotiations as shock doctrine.

Story of a domestic worker in Africa: migrant, unionist and community leader

It takes a lot of legwork to organise some of the world’s most invisible workers.

Таджикистан: далекий близкий партнер

Как международные организации будут реагировать на будущее авторитарного режима в Душанбе? English

Who is to blame for the housing crisis?

Generation Rent hasn't a hope of owning their own homes; 170,000 people in London are homeless while, in the West End, 40% of homes stand mainly empty. Who is responsible for this toxic mess?

Nuclear safety in Europe: decision-making behind closed doors?

European citizens don’t want to be left out of decision-making over nuclear power. But a recent meeting of the Espoo Convention reveals how concerns over reactor life-time extensions are being sidelined.

Dirty Brexit and the covert war on regulation

During the next three months Brendan Montague will investigate the business interests and motives of the businessmen that sponsored Dirty Brexit...

A guide to "Constructive Disobedience"

To confront the Establishment head-on, and bring about the Progressive Europe that is desperately needed, we call on activists everywhere to practise “Constructive Disobedience”. What do we mean by this? Read on to find out.

Why America Latina

Why Latin America? Because ‘where there’s necessity, there’s innovation’: Latin America is facing so many challenges, that it is at the same time a cockpit and a laboratory of political innovation. Español. Português.