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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Founder, Director and Editor of democraciaAbierta

Ushering in a new school of principled politics

“The reason we formed DiEM25 was the diagnosis that old wine in new bottles will not help revive the spirits of progressives in Italy or in the rest of Europe.” Interview.

Chile criminalizes Mapuche defenders of land and water

The infamous Counter-Terrorist Act recently applied to three Mapuche defendants is a reminder of this continuing state of injustice against a native American people. Spanish

‘My concern was his safety’ Police officer on Rashan Charles restraint

Officer denies using unauthorised neck hold and combat throw on young black Londoner. Asked what was in his mind, officer says: drugs, gangs, weapons. Inquest, Day Two. 

The crisis in trans healthcare in the UK killed my daughter Synestra

A new book, Transition Denied, exposes 'system failures' to protect vulnerable trans teenagers in Britain. This excerpt is from its prelude, by Synestra de Courcy’s mother.

The outcomes of Iraq’s 2018 elections

The ramifications from Iraq’s elections do not mean we will witness a better Iraq, but it will certainly differ from the one we know of today.

How to win the Brexit Civil War. An open letter to my fellow Remainers

Brexit has already begun. Any attempt to deny this and merely ‘stop Brexit’ will fail. To succeed we must overthrow the Brexit project with another, positive one.

Almost legal: migrant sex work in New Zealand

New Zealand is lauded as the world's only country to fully decriminalise sex work, yet a catch makes that of little comfort to the temporary migrants working in the trade.

Embracing data is key to the future of unions

Learning to read and predict our changing environment through strategic use of data is crucial for the survival of trade unions.

Today, the forgotten fear of nuclear war is being reborn — and we have no popular movement against it

The movement for a nuclear free world during the late 1980s was made possible by many. But there are no successors today – and this is dangerous. RU

The political significance of LSD

The shifts in consciousness brought about by psychedelics could help to dissolve our fear of the other.

George Osborne’s Evening Standard delays controversial Uber, Google deal

In the wake of ‘cash for column inches’ scandal and calls for Osborne to resign, newspaper denies that £3 million 'paid-for news' deal has been ditched

Eurozine is seeking an Editor-in-chief

The online magazine is looking for an Editor-in-chief to join its team in Vienna.

The propagandistic nature of the liberal media: Interview with Florian Zollmann

A new study exposes in forensic detail how Western newspapers have in recent years applied journalistic double standards to reporting human rights abuses, from Yugoslavia and Iraq to Libya and Syria.

A new era in US-Uzbekistan relations poses old challenges for the international community

My country is at a crossroads. If it does not reform its governance system to better protect against corruption, it will become mired in crony capitalism. 

Building up the bundle of sticks: new ideas for union organising

A mini-series of blogs, published by SPERI and openDemocracy, will present new ideas for how unions can organise and engage with the workforce.

A ‘creeping annexation’ of identity, culture, history and memory

The Nakba lives on in the constellation of measures enacted by the State of Israel – often in violation of international law – to drastically reduce public spaces for Palestinians.  

Women’s rights in Russia's North Caucasus: between “national traditions” and “ordinary” murders

How the Russian state authorities supports “national traditions” that infringe on the rights of Caucasian women. RU

Rashan Charles: Inquest into death after restraint by police officer and ‘member of the public’

Coroner questions police officer on his decision to let a man described as a ‘member of the public’ assist in lethal restraint of young black man. Inquest, Day One.

Peace organizations in Colombia before the second round of the elections

What will an Ivan Duque or a Gustavo Petro victory mean for the Peace Agreements? Español

The Backlash podcast episode 3: why we need feminist investigative journalism

At the 2018 International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy, 50.50 organised a panel on feminist investigative journalism with Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi, Crina Boros, and Claudia Torrisi.

“Why would Assad do it?” Debunking the abstract theories surrounding Syria’s chemical attacks

The April chemical attack in the Damascus suburb of Douma provoked widely-circulated theories questioning why the Assad regime would use chemical weaponry. But do they really hold?

How workers in Ukraine’s metal industry are fighting for wages, rights and democracy

Employees at this foreign-owned steel complex in south-eastern Ukraine are setting an example for workers everywhere. 

Nameless and un-mourned: identifying migrant bodies in the Mediterranean

The human right to identity of countless undocumented migrant bodies is being disregarded by the inadequate body management and identification efforts – more must be done. 

The unexpected rise of Pedro Sánchez

The rise of PSOE to government does not guarantee deep political change in Spain, but it makes Unidos Podemos a central actor, for Sánchez needs its support.

At what cost? A second reflection on the crisis at Save the Children UK

Part two: ‘where next?’ Part one on ‘what went wrong’ can be found here.

Re-energising Wales

Rhea Stevens and Shea Buckland-Jones from the Institute of Welsh Affairs discuss how Wales can move to 100% renewable energy by 2035.

Gaza regeneration: we all need dreams for the future

 The question now is not only how to respond to recent conflict on the border, but to address the underlying causes that produced these disturbing events. 

The dominoes are falling: could "Quitaly" prove one too many for the EU?

Italy's head of state, while predominantly a governor-general figure rather than a president in the American sense, is willing to have a go at riding the populists out.

Sex workers organising for change

Sex workers around the world are teaming up to accomplish what so few policymakers are willing to do: make their working lives better.