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Why the future of progressive politics relies on the Greens

As the Green Party prepares for its conference this weekend, Neal Lawson of Compass offers a refocused electoral, campaigning and organisational strategy to build on strengths and win hearts and minds.

Lethal in disguise: do crowd-control weapons need to be more tightly regulated?

A report by the International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations (INCLO) and Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) details the health consequences of  "less-lethal" weapons, with a call for more regulation.

Findhorn: inner listening, outer action

When we turn within, we find life far kinder than it seemed before, and the possibilities far more open.

The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo: "We were born on the march"

One of the most visually symbolic movements against Argentina’s dictatorship, the Mothers' tenacious weekly protests culminated in a massive demonstration in the name of memory, truth and justice in 2017.

After Hurricane Maria, Trump's tweeting dredges up an ugly history for Puerto Ricans

"They want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort,” Trump said. As communities struggle to protect one another, and the coloniser stands by doing nothing, the reverse is true.

On DiEM25’s electoral wing: reply from a CC member to thoughts on ‘a historic moment’

 A transnational movement-party, a hotbed of grassroots democracy capable of supranational solutions – why that matters to me.

Despite Tunisia's positive reforms, more changes are needed

Many in Tunisia feel that the lifting of the ban on women marrying non-Muslims is merely a small step, and greater democratic reforms are needed.

‘Green Brexit’? Not with this dirty Brexit brigade, Mr Gove

The Brexit campaign included investors, brokers and businessmen with a financial interest in tearing up European Union regulations protecting the environment, an investigation by openDemocracy shows.

Critical voices in critical times: Fanon, race & politics - an interview with Mireille Fanon-Mendès France (part 2 of 2)

Mireille Fanon-Mendès France, activist, scholar, and daughter of Frantz Fanon, talks about the enduring relevance of his ideas and passions in contemporary political life.

Non Una di Meno protests for women's rights: "Enough is enough"

The recent protest against obiezione di coscienza – whereby Itailan gynecologists can refuse to conduct abortions – is the latest of many demonstrations by this growing women's rights movement.

Alfred Stepan – Democracy and Islam

Stepan’s deep respect for Muslims was an extension of his general respect to all human beings, a reflection of his independent and curious mind, and big and compassionate heart. In memoriam.

Catalonia: now what?

The time has now come for Europe to make its voice heard, after Madrid’s brutal repression and its failure to listen to that many of its own people.

The bleeding need for national action on US gun reform

After the horrific Las Vegas mass shooting, will Americans continue to passively accept that the majority is powerless to reform hollow US gun laws in the face of special interest groups? Originally published, December 18, 2015.

Photo essay: women's protests around the world

Anti-Trump women's marches put women's protest in the spotlight in 2017. Here are seven other recent women's demonstrations that didn't generate as much coverage (plus two historic UK ones that did).

Protest in the Black Lives Matter movement: an interview with activist and lawyer Justin Hansford

We discuss how BLM protests have brought forth a cultural shift, highlighted by the recent dissent of NFL star Colin Kaepernick, and how protest dynamics have changed in the Trump era.

"Less-lethal" weapons in Jerusalem: "The purpose of these bullets isn’t corresponding to the reality"

Israeli photojournalist Tali Mayer, 28, was shot by a black-tipped sponge bullet while reporting on a demonstration. This led to her project with the ACRI, a member of INCLO, photographing Palestinians injured by these crowd-control bullets.

"Where is Santiago Maldonado?": protesters demand answers

The young man disappeared during a violent crackdown on an indigenous community in Patagonia by Argentina's Gendarmerie, and federal authorities have so far hindered an effective investigation.

Is it time we had an international framework for unilateral secession?

The current UN Charter is unsuitable, outdated and preoccupied with the era of decolonisation, which posed very different challenges to those we are facing today.

What are the meanings behind the worldwide rise in protest?

What trends can we decipher when it comes to modern protests? Is there a pattern to the grievances that helps to explain the current spike in protest? And what do we find when we compare organisational dynamics?

Raiding in Russia’s education system is causing the death of professional education

There is a full-blown struggle for the future of Russian higher education going on. Right now, the professionals are losing. RU

Why both the Spanish and the Catalan governments think they come out reinforced from the referendum clash

The PP may be seen as sole guarantor of Spanish unity, while support for pro-independence parties morphs into a reaction against repression by the Spanish government and its conservative values.

How should states manage assemblies in the new age of protest?

With a sharp increase in protest around the world over the past decade, international and domestic standards for state protection and management of assemblies must be pursued.

Protest: a matter of human rights

This week sees the launch of our partnership project with human rights organisations CELS and INCLO, with support from the ACLU, looking at why protest is fundamental for human rights and democratic society, and what can be done to protect the right to protest.

‘Global Britain’? Don’t believe the Brexiteers’ hype

The idea Britons voted to leave the EU in order to become ‘more global’ is mere propaganda from politicians who have mainstreamed far right attitudes to immigration.

We need personal, everyday action to end violence against women

Never laugh at a rape joke, speak out against lower wages for women. Don’t underestimate the power of everyday activism to uphold justice.

Why the UK never felt 'at home' in the EU

Progressives of whatever Brexit persuasion should beware of adopting UK or EU identities wholesale - both are built on historical amnesia.

Can the world end forced labour by 2030?

Alliance 8.7 needs to embrace a wholesale change in approach to forced labour if it is serious about tackling it in supply chains. 

The dangers of political sainthood

If our aim is to learn from individuals who somehow rise above their time, we should treat them more like ordinary human beings.

The power of a transformative city

“The local was where democracy was born; it is now where we will recover it.” Fearless Cities.

What Venezuela tells us about Labour Party foreign policy

Venezuela has been reduced to a political point scoring exercise in the UK - whilst it plunges deeper into an enormous humanitarian disaster. Did we learn anything new from Labour party conference? Español