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The law has changed

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The law has changed

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This week’s front page editor

How did Grenoble start a French water revolution? It made its water management public

In Grenoble, a city tucked away in the French alps, where the water has been so pure for years you can put it in baby bottles. Why? Because water is managed by the public sector. 

Reporting Syria: this is a story about people - an interview with Rania Abouzeid

A conversation with reporter Rania Abouzeid about practicing journalism, the role of media in the conflict, and the future of Syria.

Comedy is part of feminist history—and we need it more than ever

Feminism has always been mobilized and strengthened through collective joyful laughter.

The crisis of the state in the Arab region and the rise of the Islamic State

Islamic radical groups, such as the Islamic State, seem to have become the substitute for a failed regional order and failing domestic conditions.

Community Land Trusts: creating more sustainable communities

An interview with Paul Sander Jackson from Wessex Community Assets. 

Saint Nick of Armenia: how protest leader Nikol Pashinyan “rescued” Armenia and made it merry

Armenia's intensive street mobilisation over the past month has taken many by surprise. Who is the man at the centre of these protests? 

The spirit of 1968 is inextinguishable – even 50 years later

This rebellious era shaped radical activists – and aggressive capitalists. What can we learn from 1968, for democratic change today?

“Down with the tsar”: Russian authorities ban Navalny supporter protest ahead of Putin's inauguration

Organisers across the country have been detained ahead of Vladimir Putin's fourth inauguration as president. 

On the edge: how rural Armenia is responding to the country's "Velvet Revolution"

While revolution is the preserve of the city, Armenia's rural population is watching and waiting to see what happens next. RU

How Assad tortures and kills Syria’s pacifist young leftists

Why is it that the brightest peaceful activists who preach freedom against violence are the first to be killed by the Assad regime?

Generation narcissist in Colombia: outraged and disappointed with democracy

The news that 73% of Colombian students would be in favour of a dictatorship struck Omar Rincón. He wrote this sharp analysis about the egotistical and anti-democratic youth of Colombia. Español

As Cambridge Analytica and SCL Elections shut down, SCL Group's defence work needs real scrutiny

We can’t understand the significance of Cambridge Analytica without looking at the network it sits in, and how inadequate controls nurtured aspects of this networks’ development.

The Palestinians in Gaza: fighting for life, struggling for rights

Stuck between the hammer of the Israeli apartheid and the anvil of Palestinian political parties, the youth in Gaza are rising up. 

The racist killing of Altab Ali 40 years ago today

Hammer attacks, punctured lungs, slashed faces... far-right groups inflicted a decade of violence on East London’s Bengali communities. In the deadly year of 1978 Bengali youth began the fightback.

Corbyn's critics: time to come round

After six shocks in three years, can Labour sceptics face the party's new reality?

Revealed: Legatum’s “extraordinary” secretive monthly meetings with Brexit minister

A controversial think tank that argued for a hard Brexit and has been linked with Russian intelligence had monthly meetings with a leading Brexit minister.

Can antifa build an effective broad-based anti-fascist movement?

Using violence and suppressing free speech is no way to build a just society.

How to fulfil the promise of the Global Compact for Migration with a more effective roadmap in human rights protection

We must ensure the human rights of migrants who fall outside the refugee definition, with a real danger of these individuals falling in the growing gap between the two Compacts. Español

A revolution of values: freedom, responsibility and courage in Armenia's Velvet Revolution

Armenia's emerging revolution isn't about geopolitics or foreign relations, but values. 

Venezuela is now a regional crisis

If Venezuela is a regional problem, then Latin America and the Caribbean must assume the responsibility to fight for Venezuelan democracy to resolve this crisis. Español

Why has a Republican attack operation opened shop in the UK?

And who is paying for their services?

Moscow’s waste wars

The “rubbish riots” taking place in the Moscow area demonstrate Muscovites’ distrust of their regional government. RU

Amber Rudd, the Windrush scandal and the reluctant Remainer

The Windrush scandal is undoubtedly the scene of a crime, multiple crimes. But which scene and what crime now needs maximum public exposure?

Why the election of the Nigerian-born Senator Tony Iwobi is not a symptom of progress in Italy

Senator Iwobi represents the late attempt by an Italian far-right party to show the world that it does not discriminate on the basis of the geographical origin of an individual.

Mexico on the edge of a dystopian cliff

Mexico is on the edge of a dystopian cliff. What is at stake in the upcoming presidential elections is the remnant of the country’s eroding social, economic and political stability. Español

Windrush and Legal Aid: how free legal representation could have avoided a national scandal

Many migration decisions are wrong - but since legal aid for such cases was scrapped by the LASPO Act 2012, few migrants have the money to challenge them. Meanwhile, an ongoing review drags on.

Of Quakers and deep democracy – is it time to renew the Quaker Book?

The Quaker movement was born out of radicalism. This weekend Quakers assemble to ask themselves, is it time for Quakerism to renew itself in a more participatory way?

The EU and the right to education in the West Bank

Education is a crucial component for a self-determined future but for Palestinians this future is hindered by the Israeli occupation.