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Rosemary Bechler

Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy's mainsite editor.

Apropos of AMLO: It's time to leave behind the term "populism"

That the term populism has become so commonly used does not mean, however, that it is useful for those who want to understand our changing political reality. On the contrary, if anything the term hampers understanding of that reality. Español

A propósito de AMLO: es hora de dejar atrás el término “populismo”

La popularidad del concepto de populismo no significa que éste sea un término útil para quienes desean entender nuestra cambiante realidad política. Por el contrario, el término nos ayuda poco a entender esta realidad. English

25 alternativas feministas a los medios mainstream en España y Latinoamérica

De los temas más divertidos a los más trascendentales, estas plataformas cubren la actualidad con una perspectiva feminista. English.

Colombia: Regulating protests, organizing consciences

The incoming Colombian president has called for "leaving hatred behind" and "joining forces" to undertake a new chapter in Colombian political history. However, this unitary discourse results in an act of inevitable political coercion. Español

Ahed Tamimi: illegally blond

The racialisation of blond operates on many levels in Israeli society and is related to a complex and multilayered structure of oppression. 

The political economy of anti-trafficking

Politicians are far more likely to back anti-trafficking measures that don’t disrupt prevailing power balances at home. That’s a major reason why so many interventions fail. 

25 feminist alternatives to mainstream media in Spain and Latin America

From the most playful topics to the most serious, these platforms provide alternative coverage of current affairs – with a feminist lens. Español.

Why Russia needs a grassroots campaign against political repression

Political repression is ramping up in Russia, but a network of people ready to stand against it is yet to emerge.

Social activism and the economics of mental health

Apolitical volunteering is ill-equipped to address the structural causes of depression.

How this DIY magazine is making space for taboo topics in Russia

Under conditions of growing self-censorship, small media can often raise questions avoided by Russia’s national media – but of real concern to readers. RU

Pacified politics or risk of disintegration? A race against time in Ethiopia

The dramatic changes of the last months have moved Ethiopia away from “the gates of hell ”, but all options are still on the table, from the worst to the best.

Cómo las periodistas feministas están sacudiendo el panorama mediático en español

Cada vez nacen más medios y proyectos que informan de manera alternativa sobre diversos temas, desde economía hasta belleza. Aunque su sostenibilidad económica sigue siendo un reto. English.

How feminist journalists are shaking up the Spanish language media

A growing number of new media projects are providing alternative coverage of topics from economics to beauty. But the challenge of financial sustainability remains. Español.

Torture, missing evidence and procedural violations: how to make a terrorism case against 21 Russian Muslims

Another trial against Russian “Islamists” results in harsh convictions – this time, 21 of them.

The trade deal which fines governments for acting on climate change

An obscure agreement – the Energy Charter Treaty – allows energy firms to sue countries who take action to stop climate breakdown.

Human rights and artificial intelligence: the challenge of an era

A new set of principles—the Toronto Declaration—aims to put human rights front and centre in the development and application of machine learning technologies. Español

Is Iraq entering an era of post-sectarianism?

In the absence of civil war, the people of Iraq have found an opportunity to demand that the political elite deliver on their election campaign promises.

Greece, August 2018: a mid-term report from a Syriza MP

"Are the critics of Tsipras right?  This is the first government in a European crisis country that will complete its full term. Look at the facts."

1968: The revolution that will not die

How conservatives won the counter-revolution after 1968—and how they might lose.

الأكراد في تركيا: من تنظيم عسكري إلى حزب غير مسلّح.. ماذا تغير؟

ورغم تخلي حزب العُمال عن فكرة الكفاح المسلح، وانتقال الأكراد إلى العمل السياسي بشكلٍ أوسع عبر حزب يمثلهم إلى جانب أقلياتٍ أخرى في البرلمان التركي، إلا أن أنقرة ما تزال تحاربهم

Brexit is a consequence of low upward mobility

In the Brexit referendum, UK citizens were pleading through their vote – and non-vote – for a fair shot at the future.

A call for an international right of hospitality on World Humanitarian Day

In the current situation there is a crying need to limit the arbitrariness of States by confronting them with legitimate and internationally recognized counter-powers.

What is the truth about the death of Rashan Charles?

Rashan, a young black Londoner, died under police restraint. A retired Chief Inspector of the Metropolitan Police — and Rashan’s great uncle — examines the visual evidence. Shine A Light Exclusive.

When liberals have had enough: a new wave of protests in Romania

Whereas the stereotypical pro-government voter consumes partisan local media; by contrast, the stereotypical protester in Bucharest owns an iPhone and reads international newspapers online.

Appeal from a political economist: the left internationalist case for a second referendum on Brexit

The critical consideration is the strategic interests of that sector of the global corporate and wealth elites who want the dissolution of the EU as a bulwark against unfettered capitalism.

The danger of nationalisms today: a four-part essay on the lethal logic of the Monocultural National Us

Nationalisms of one kind or another have been with modern human society for centuries. Why write now to urge new attention to the current upsurge in nationalisms?

#LulaLivre: 4 things you should know

The campaign for the up and coming presidential elections in Brazil officially began on the 15th of August, in a context of political chaos and uncertainty. What can we expect given the current circumstances? Español

In defence of (some) conspiracy theory

Of course powerful people organise together. Dismissing everyone who challenges them as "conspiracy theorists" is dangerous

Bangladesh teen protests are proof that politics is not the preserve of adults

Student-led mass protests in Dhaka challenge the notion that political consciousness begins at adulthood.

Disobedient democracies on Europe’s periphery: why are these crucial for rebuilding the left?

Rebuilding the left and reversing the democratic erosion which we are currently witnessing across Europe and the US are one and the same project.