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Phoebe Braithwaite is openDemocracy’s submissions editor.

The long road to gender equality in southeast Asia

Singapore may soon elect its first female president – but the struggle for gender equality in the region is far from being won.

A crack in history? – a conversation between two recent UK Labour party recruits

We need to find a way to build political movements that make space for difficult questions, for diversity, for ambivalence. But how?

Why are the Danes so happy? Because their economy makes sense

The Nordic economic model is the most successful yet invented for the common good. How did they do it?

The state of Channel 4

It should be much easier for Channel 4, unburdened by the in-house inertia of other broadcasters, to address the “nations and regions deficit” that disfigures the broadcasting sector. Is it time to relocate?

‘Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves’: From fishing patriotism to pragmatism

Can Brexit deliver real control for UK fishermen?

It's time for deep transformation in society – not merely material changes

Are we ready for deep changes in society, beyond all its superficial changes? Progressives need to ask themselves some serious questions, going beyond cost-benefit analyses to rationalise progress.

“It was like hell in miniature”: how Rostov-on-Don lost a whole neighbourhood in one day

A massive fire in the southern city of Rostov has left hundreds homeless, but brought out the best in both the public and the bureaucrats. RU

Internet and political innovation in Latin America’s representative democracies

The model of representative democracy in Latin America presents a vital problem: elected representatives are, in general, unable to respond to the demands of those they represent. Español Português

The ongoing march of the EU’s security-industrial complex

The reinforcement of pervasive, high-tech security measures has long been the primary consideration for EU security strategists, egged on by private interests. Time for a new direction before it is too late. New report 

Princess Diana: the monarchy's Brexit moment

On the 20th anniversary of Diana's death, an edited chapter from the author's The Lure of Greatness

The Nicaragua Canal becomes the government’s Achilles heel

The dubious constitutionality of the law enabling its construction and its adverse impacts on Nicaraguans’ human rights are already being felt, irrespective of whether or not the delayed mega-project materialises. Español Português

Pitch your story to 50.50

Read our general guidelines for contributors – and view any current calls for submissions on specific themes.

Human smuggling: the pride of Niger's economy

Niger would be in for a rough ride if efforts to end human smuggling were taken seriously, and the European Union knows it.

Gentrifier heal thyself?

There are limits to living our political convictions. How can we navigate them?

The Currency of Localism

Local currencies favour local producers and discourage predation by multinationals, thereby retaining wealth locally and reducing environmental damage. 

International law and new wars

By failing to address 'new wars' international law has added to insecurity. Is it time for a second generation human security resting upon the laws of humanity? 

Brexit makes labour exploitation more likely in the UK

Negotiations on a future Brexit deal have barely gotten started, yet EU workers across the UK are already finding themselves more vulnerable in the workplace.

Manifesto: Minga of thought “Communication and indigenous peoples”

In Colombia on July 15, 2017, the Native and Afro-descendant Peoples of Abya Yala, Cartagena de Indias, wrote a manifesto to build a web of intercultural relations. Español

Concretising the right to privacy in digital times: a reading of India's Supreme Court judgement

In order to protect the right to privacy, we must have legislation for the material design of our digital services.

Robin Hood had the right idea: Why the left needs to deliver on the financial transaction tax

A tax on financial transactions is fair, efficient and easy to implement. What are we waiting for? 

Moscow's mercenaries reveal the privatisation of Russian geopolitics

Further revelations regarding the role of Russian private military contractors in Syria exposes how, under Putin, “state” and “private” are often one and the same thing.


Katja Kipping at DiEM25's "Next Stop 2019?"

"A Europe that excites people would be one that aims to be a well balanced economy rather than one that's focusing on competition." (Video,  9 mins)

Show me the money: the fight for funding and accountability for women’s rights

Aid donors, governments and the United Nations have made many commitments to gender equality. Their actions have been less impressive.

If not here, then where? On Douglas Ross' war against the Gypsy/Traveller community in Moray

The new Tory MP for Moray has long sought to crush one of the most persecuted ethnic groups in his constituency.

The Native American casualties of US immigration policy

The O'Odham nation lives on both sides of the US-Mexican border, and for that they are persecuted.

Humanitarian citizens: breaking the law to protect human rights

When states criminalise help, is it a sign of active citizenship to disobey?

American idiot: rethinking anti-intellectualism in the age of Trump

Trust in expert knowledge is declining, but what does that mean for democracy and social justice?