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Alex Sakalis, Editor

Alex Sakalis is associate editor of openDemocracy and co-edits the Can Europe Make It? page.

Beyond the babble: social broadcasting and digital citizenship

The expression of emotion is key to the spread of declarations online. But can online identities really address the difficult political realities of migration?

We are all displaced

It is our sedentary bias, our belief that mobility and migration are the exception rather than the rule, which fuels this distrust of the mobile – but anyone can experience displacement.

Reimagining government data through the digital arts

Citizens have a right to actively participate in making knowledge about the societies of which they are a part and opening them to democratic contestation, intervention and reinvention.

From a distance

Fearing war, a mother of twin infants journeyed to a safer place. During the journey, a tragedy occurred. Behjat explores these events through a series of drawings, evoking subtle – almost invisible – hints of violence. 

A manifesto for unlearning

How can we use participatory photography as a tool for emancipation, unlearning assumed hierarchies between artists, subjects, and audiences?

Artivism: charging activism with the wild imaginings of art

Diverse groups came together to regenerate an arguably exhausted political language. At a fraught moment, the project repeatedly asks: who are ‘we'? Who gets to decide? What does it mean to belong? Review.

Bearing witness

How can the stories we tell about tragic experiences connect people and create cultures of bearing witness and responsibility rather than encouraging voyeurism or indifference?

I'm a trans teenager in Northern Ireland, where bigotry is taught at school

While LGBTQ+ rights groups are deemed “inappropriate” for educational environments, abusive and anti-choice activists are currently welcomed with open arms.

“The power of Fannie Lou Hamer compels you!” Resisting Donald Trump

To deal with Trump we must first face the Trump inside ourselves.

All ‘hail’ the real king

The Saudi Monarch’s 4 November purge threatens the kingdom’s longstanding policy on dynastic rule, and paves the way for Salman’s abdication of power to his son Mohammed.

The Brazilian paradox

The putschist Brazilian administration is not addressing the previous policy shortcomings constructively. Here’s the Foreword of Lena Lavinas' new book: The Takeover of Social Policy by Financialization – the Brazilian Paradox. Español Português

German-Turkish tensions in a collapsing Jamaica coalition

While the Turkish narrative in the close-alliance-cum-uneasy-stand-off between Germany and Turkey remained constant over the past decade, momentous changes have now occurred to the German political system.

“Is Populism a Problem”? – a story for the World Forum for Democracy 2017

If you’ve ever shared a room with an elephant… you know what matters isn’t the presence of an unpredictable beast – what matters is the fragility of that room.

Citizens, participation and economics: Emerging findings from the Citizens’ Economic Council

The Citizens’ Economic Council programme is piloting models of engagement that seek to enable citizens to ‘take back control’ over the economic decisions that affect their lives.

A ghost with red nail polish

"Now begins another day in the days of war. It’s not a new day; there’s nothing new about war, even if the suffering changes." عربي

Paradises of the earth, Part 3: Oum Laarayes [video]

Watch the third episode of the ground-breaking web documentary series “Paradises of the Earth” where the international solidarity caravan visits Oum Laarayes, a marginalised and polluted mining town in Tunisia.

Re-thinking strategies for social change in Transeuropa

One of the most controversial elements of the strategy proposed by European Alternatives, Transeuropa and DiEM25 has to do with understanding the role of the nation-state.

The lobbies of glyphosate: a danger to the health of Europeans and of their democracy

The court summons these citizens received for a few splashes of paint on the facade of this powerful lobby’s headquarters illustrates the increasing criminalization of protest in Belgium. Francais, Español.

Reinventing the World Social Forum: how powerful an idea can be

The collective in Salvador has succeeded in bringing together thousands of organisations for preparing the Forum: the slogan is ‘to resist is to create, to resist is to transform’.

Why progressives should support wikileaks

It is a fundamental political error to casually associate Wikileaks with neoconservatism or reactionary populism. No affinity between these two worlds is possible.

One more time with feeling, in Athens

Nick Cave's fearlessness in visiting darkness makes the light shine brighter.

Recognising and resisting militarisation; Demilitarise King’s at DSEi

It’s time we reflect on the militarisation of our education, of our society as a whole, to confront our complicity and our responsibilities, stand up, and put an end to the business of war.

Bodies at the gates

Bodies are not just simply tools or targets in practices of state violence but also crucial in the resistance of the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) arms trade fair.

Challenging elections in Chile

Some of today's established reforms in Chile will go down in History as significant changes, yet Michele Bachelet ends up her second term in office with a mere 25% approval rating. Español

This week, Russian citizens have been arrested for intolerance towards Cossacks

Our partners at OVD-Info give us the latest on freedom of assembly and political detentions in Russia. 

Libya: damned if we do and damned if we don’t

Given the complex attitudes towards foreign interventions in Libya, we need a clear strategy that stands up to local, regional, and international scrutiny.